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  Views 3/16/2006
  Arbitration 3/16/2006



Approved 3/16/2006


Landscaping by the developer/builder, or that approved by the ARC, has no guarantee that the subsequent growth of trees and shrubs will not affect views.  The ARC does not warrant, expressed or implied, written or orally, any view.


However, if such a situation exists, the ARC encourages homeowners to communicate with one another in person to seek resolution.  The ARC also encourages homeowners to exercise a good neighbor policy by keeping their trees laced and shrubs pruned to allow their neighbors to see through the trees and over the shrubs. Please, no topping!


Before contacting the ARC/Compliance Coordinator (ARCCC) for mediation, affected homeowners must negotiate in good faith.  In the unlikely event an impasse exists between homeowners, the ARCCC will attempt to resolve differences.  If there is no resolution, the ARCCC may suggest arbitration (see Arbitration Policy).


Except for the replacement of existing trees or shrubs which may have died or been damaged, any new plantings must have ARC approval as per article 8.1.3 of the CC&R's.


The Links Landscaping Committee is responsible for existing plants and trees, as well as future plantings on the common grounds.  Trees on the common grounds will be laced when necessary and practical, and shrubs pruned by a professional landscaper, to allow homeowners to see through the trees and over the shrubs. Homeowner input on all matters relating to the common grounds is encouraged.


Policy for Arbitration
Approved 3/16/2006

  1. All relevant parties must have held discussions among themselves as well as mediation with the ARC Compliance Coordinator (hereafter referred to as ARCCC), without resolution.

  2. This Arbitration process is completely voluntary.

  3. All parties must agree to the Arbitration process as outlined below. 

  4. This Arbitration method should not be used unless all parties are fully committed to the process and to reaching a resolution.

  5. A Request for Arbitration Form must be filled out completely and signed by all parties.

  6. The completion of the Request for Arbitration Form and submission of it to the ARCCC will begin the process for selecting three (3) impartial arbiters to serve as a panel.  Each party will have the ability to replace one arbiter (only one) and select another for replacement from the list of names provided by the ARCCC.

  7. The Request for Arbitration Form must contain a full description of all issues related to the problem   from each party as well as the remedy requested.

  8. The Arbitration Panel will review and investigate the situation and make a recommendation in writing through the ARCCC within 30 days after the selection process has been completed.

  9.   Recommendations of the Arbitration Panel will be provided to each party in writing by ARCCC.

  10. The ARCCC will review the findings and make a final attempt to mediate utilizing the recommendations of the Arbitration Panel. If the ARCCC determines that mediation is not possible, the Links HOA responsibility in supporting the Arbitration process will be considered complete.

  11. No further action on this matter will be considered by the ARCCC.

  12. This service is provided at no cost to all the parties involved.


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