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2016 Minutes


Links HOA Annual Meeting
January 20, 2016

The Links HOA Annual Meeting was held at the Santa Rita Springs Recreation Center in Green Valley, Arizona, on January 20, 2016. Fifty-five Links HOA members attended the meeting.

The meeting was called to order by President Michael Malenfant at 9:00 AM.

Nominations Chairman Carole Blazick announced we had a quorum for this meeting.

The Minutes from the January 23, 2015, Links HOA Annual Meeting were accepted as written.
President Michael Clemens
welcomed the members and reported on his attendance at the Santa Rita Master Homeowners Association. He introduced Larry Engle, our guest presenter, who is a board member and volunteer driver for Friends in Deed, a non-profit organization that lends durable medical equipment, provides transportation and blood pressure clinics for our community at no cost.

Vice President/Physical Facility Chairman Tom Sparby reported on the gates and streets. The east gate needed some repair last summer. He and Norbert Bizek have inspected the HOA streets and determined some minor repairs will be needed in the next two years.

Treasurer Tim Perkins reported the annual expenses totaled $43,610 and the budgeted expense was $43,600. The annual income was $45,422 and the budgeted income was $43,110. The extra income was more than budgeted due to the transfer fee for new homeowners being increased to $200 from $75. Eleven home sales were closed between January and November 2015. There is $186,703 in the Reserve Fund and our total assets are $192,617.  All 2016 HOA dues have been collected.

Secretary Pat Vincent thanked the Committee Chairs and committee members for their contributions this past year including:

a.       Social Committee Chair Judy Miller and Carmen Scarlott

b.      Phyllis and Eldon Zeuhlke, Carmen and John Scarlott, Janie and Tim Perkins for the lovely Christmas decorations at the east and west gates

c.       Neighborhood Watch Co-Chairs Carole Blazick and Carmen Scarlott

d.       Michael Malenfant for Chairing the ad hoc Bylaws Committee

e.      Ron Perlman, our webmaster

f.        Hank Glieden, John Scarlott and Norbert Bizek for always being available to help when and where ever they are needed

g.       Nominations Chair Carole Blazick

h.      Carmen Scarlott for her work as Communications Chair

Legal Affairs Chairman Michael Malenfant reported the revised Bylaws are ready to be printed. They will be hand-delivered to the members along with a letter from our attorney explaining the changes. The enclosed ballot to approve them that will need to be returned by March 1.  Age Verification forms, which our Bylaws required to be updated each year, were included in the Annual Meeting packets and the majority have been returned.

Landscaping Committee Chairman Gerald Vigoren thanked Bruce Palese for all his help this past year. The river rock beds have been completed and all are pleased with results. The rains have been helpful to the area, but have accelerated growth of weeds and plants resulting in quite a bit of extra work for our landscape crew. Trimming that is usually needed once a year has been done two or three times. Gerald reminded the members that any trimming or planting in the commons area must be done by the landscapers only. A pre-emergent is used for weed control.                                                                                                                                           

Social Committee Chair Judy Miller announced the annual Christmas party was a big success and the seventh annual Potato Bake will be held on February 13 in the Anza Room in the Springs.

Architectural Review/Compliance Chairman John Bloomfield was absent due to a health issue.

Nominations Chair Carole Blazick reported 71 Ballots had been returned and all seven candidates were approved to serve a two year term.

Communications Chair Carmen Scarlott encouraged members to contact her with information they would like to share with other HOA members.

Unfinished Business:  None

New Business: None

Member Comments:

1.       Robert Hawk suggested the surplus money in treasury might be better used in donations to the community or credited to membership dues. Michael Clemens explained the reserves are maintained to avoid large homeowner assessments in the future. 


2.        Phil Betzel asked if calculations had been done to estimate how much money would be needed for street repair.  Michael Malenfant said he maintains a spread sheet to determine the amount of money that will be needed in the future for streets and Links’ properties. 


3.       Kent Stoefen asked what the cost would be to have all the asphalt removed and replaced and he was told the cost would be in the neighborhood of $250,000 at today’s prices. With the proper maintenance, the streets should last another fifteen years before complete replacement was needed.


4.       Tim Perkins spoke about the Links HOA website and explained the membership roster, monthly meeting Minutes and financials, ARC permit forms and social announcements are posted. With so much information on the site, a password for members may be needed.  Mr. Betzel commented he and his wife had received scam phone calls recently and felt that the person who called on their cell phones had most likely gotten those phone numbers there.  A website password will be addressed at the next Board Meeting. The website address is

The Annual Meeting was adjourned at 10:20 AM.

Respectfully Submitted
Patricia Vincent, Secretary


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