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2015 Annual Minutes


The Links at Santa Rita Springs Home Owners Association

Annual Meeting

January 21, 2015 

The meeting was called to order by President Gloria Combs.

The minutes from the January 14, 2014 meeting were approved as written.

1. The President thanked the Links HOA Committees’ Chairs and their members including:

a.      Judy Miller-Social Committee

b.      Phyllis and Eldon Zeuhlke, Carmen and John Scarlott, Tom and Karen Sparby, and Janie and Tim Perkins for the Christmas Decorations at the Links’ east and west entryways

c.       Carmen Scarlott and Carole Blazick Co-Chairs of Neighborhood Watch and Telephone Tree for emergencies.

d.      Carmen Scarlott for her work as Chair of the Communications and Community Affairs as well as Sunshine Committee.

e.      Mike Clemens as Chair of the ad hoc Bylaws Committee

2. Vice President, Mike Clemens reported his attendance at the SRHOA (the Parent Association of the Links) meetings.   The Springs HOA maintains a walking path that connects the HOAs’ properties.  He is trying to rid the Links of the financial responsibility for the path.   The change in the Links Bylaws is a still a work in progress. 

3. Treasurer, Tim Perkins, reported the reserved funds increased from $157,709.36 to $171,793.00 by the end of 2014.  This included a transfer of $12,885.05 from the checking account to the Streets and Property Account.  The Links has $71,155.00 in Non-designated, Fund and $100,338.00 in Designated Funds for Streets and Properties.

The year’s expenses were $42,057.49 or less than the budget by $772.51.  The year’s income was $42,654.42 or short of the budget by $175.58. The net cash gain was $596.93.

All dues had been received with the exception of the dues for the house on Greenside Place. The company handling that sale had been notified that it had to pay the amount immediately or a fine of $15.00 per day would be levied on the dues owed to the Links and then it will rise to $30.00 per day for 15 days.  If amount owed has not been paid by then, a lien will be placed on the house until the amount due is paid including interest due on the lien.  

4.  Mike Clemens, Chair of the Streets and Properties, reported on his meeting with Brian West who is an engineer with Pima County.  Brian thought the roads would be fine for another 15 years if we maintain them as we have.  It may cost as much as $200,000 to replace them.  This figure depends on what is done at the time. 

The gates are professionally maintained but they have finite life.  This will be addressed at the next regular Links Board of Directors Meeting.

5. Mike Malenfant, Chair of Legal Affairs, reported he had created a spreadsheet to determine the amount of money that will be needed in the future for streets and links properties.   The Board does not want to have to assess the Links members for these extraordinary expenses.

The Links Bylaws needed updating and have been worked on but not ready to be printed or sent out to the membership via email.

All HOAs are required to verify the ages of their homeowners annually in order for them to maintain their status as communities of members 55 years or older.

He reported that he is the Links Representative to the Green Valley Council which represents all of the HOAs’ interests with the Pima County Board of Directors.

6.  Gerald Vigoren, chair of the Commons Areas Committee, thanked Bruce Palese for all of the help he has been on the Committee. Hank Glieden dealt with the Buffle Grass.    New gravel had be placed on some of the black plastic that was showing.  A number of the Drainage Rivers had been rebuilt, rock by rock, by the crew.  Bruce had walked all of water ways and found the major one had become Rattlesnake Gulch.  Message, “avoid the gulch style waterways”.  The Commons have 119 drainage ditches.  Heavier gravel was spread next to the homeowners’ walls to prevent washouts.  Lighter gravels were spread below. The Crew had been treated to a Christmas Lunch.

7. Judy Miller announced the Potato Bake will be held on February 22 starting with a cocktail party from 5:00PM to 6:00PM in the Anza Room.  Following will the potato dinner.  The members are all welcome and those that do attend are urged to bring toppings for the baked potatoes, and or a salad, and or a desert.
More information will be coming closer to the date of the event.

8. Carmen reported that GVC and ATT are no longer to print a local telephone book for Green Valley.  The Advertisers are no longer interested in paying for them. The Christmas Party had been a success.   It had been held Agave’s in December 2014.

9. Questions and comments from the attendees included one from John Bloomfield asked what happens when a spouse dies and the widow or widower is under 55.  The response was that the remaining spouse may stay if he or she is at least 45 years old.  The other question came from Larry Patterson about why we do have Linkups.  The response was that they were important to attend in order to become acquainted with the members living in the Links.

10. Carole Blazick announced that she had received 78 ballots and the vote was unanimous for the two new Board Members.  They will be John Bloomfield and Tom Sparby.

11. The President recognized two new members: George &Karen West and Larry & Pam Patterson.

12. Tim thanked Gloria for being president during the year 2014. It had been an extremely busy year for the President.

The Annual Meeting was adjourned.

After the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors held a short meeting to determine who would take on what job for 2015.  The decision was that Mike Clemens would serve as President; Tom Sparby would serve as Vice President; Tim Perkins would continue as the Treasurer; Katie McLeod agreed to serve as Secretary; John Bloomfield would serve as Chair of the ARC; Gerald Vigoren would serve as Chair of the Common Grounds Committee; and Mike Malenfant would serve as Chair of Legal Affairs. 

The Board Meeting was adjourned by common consent.


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