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2014 Annual Minutes


 The Links at Santa Rita Springs Home Owners Association

Annual Meeting

January 21, 2014

The Links of Santa Rita Springs HOA Annual Meeting was held in the Fiesta Room at the Santa Rita Springs GVR Social Center in Green Valley, AZ on Thursday, January 21, 2014.

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by President Norbert Bisek at 9:00 AM.

DIRECTORS PRESENT: Norbert Bisek, Gloria Combs, Ed Frantz, John Scarlott, Gordon Somerville, and Gerald Vigoren.  Absent was Carol Klapmeier.

MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  There were 33 members present including the board.

Katie McLeod served as Secretary Pro-temp.

Nomination/election committee Chairman Carole Blazick announced that 64 ballots were returned.  The Ballots had been mailed to all members early in January 2014.and noticed were posted in the communications boxes by Secretary Carol Klapmeier.


Minutes were presented in written form.  John Alley moved and Tim Perkins seconded the minutes of the annual meeting, January 25, 2013 be approved.  The minutes were approved as presented.

President Norbert Bisek noted that the Links streets are now up to par.  The East Side Gate is being worked on and will need to be painted more frequently because of rust problems.  He thanked all of the volunteers including the board members.

Vice President Gloria Combs reported that the contract with Waste Management was for two years and that they would schedule bulk pickups twice a year.  The cost per resident goes up 2% a year.

Treasurer Ed Frantz presented a written report.  Included in the report were two reserve funds in CDís one for Streets & Properties, $50,361.19;  the other Non-Designated $107,348.17 with total assets of $163,502.59 which included an increase of $2,876.10 from the year ending 1/12.


Landscaping:  Jerry Vigoren reported Dave Morales comes a week to work on the commons.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  Carmen Scarlott was thanked for all she does for the Links.

NEW BUSINESS:  Judy announced the 2/15/14 POTATOE BAKE PARTY.  Need to make reservations with the committee.  (See the posted message on the boards)

ELECTION FOR DIRECTORS:  These included Michael Malenfant and Michael Clemens, Katie McLeod, Gerald Vigoren and Tim Perkins.  All were approved.


Katie McLeod

Secretary Pro-temp

Following the meeting a GVC Representative gave a program on what GVC does for the community.  It represents 91 HOAs in front of various political entities including county, state and federal.  It costs $7.50 per household.  Problems such as county road potholes should be reported to the GVC.


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