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2012 Annual Minutes


 The Links at Santa Rita Springs Home Owners Association

Annual Meeting

January 25, 2012

MINUTES (unapproved)


The Links at Santa Rita Springs HOA Annual Meeting was held in the Anza Room at the Spring GVR Social Center in Green Valley, Arizona on Wednesday, January 25, 2012.


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Harry Cook at 9:05 AM.


Directors Present: Board Members Harry Cook, Gloria Combs, Hank Glieden, Ed Frantz, Norbert Bisek, Tom Sparby, John Scarlott and Pat Vincent were present.


Members in Attendance: Twenty-eight HOA members were in attendance.


Proof of Meeting or Waiver of Notice:  Nomination/Election Committee Member Carole Blazick announced 71 ballots were returned which resulted in a quorum for this meeting. (A quorum is 51% of the membership or 48 ballots received.) Ballots were mailed to all 94 home owners on January 6, 2012, by HOA Secretary Patricia Vincent and notices posted in the communications boxes prior to this meeting.


Reading of Minutes preceeding meeting: A copy of last year's Annual Meeting Minutes was provided homeowners as they entered the meeting room. Minutes and Agendas were also mailed to the membership on January 6, 2012.  A Motion was made to dispense with the reading of the 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes. MMSC (Motion Made, Seconded and Carried). A Motion was made to approve the 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes. MMSC


Report of the Officers

President: Harry Cook thanked all of the members of the Board of Directors for their service the past year.  Hank Glieden, John Scarlott and Gloria Combs have one year left on their two-year terms. Ed Frantz, Norbert Bisek, Tom Sparby have volunteered to serve another two-years. He and Pat Vincent will not serve a second term.

            He thanked the following Committees and Members:

Communications Committee Chairman Carmen Scarlott and our Web Site Manager Ron Perlman for keeping us so well informed; Elton and Phyliss Zuehlke and everyone who assisted with the holiday decorating; Judy Miller and Carmen Scarlott for their work on the Social Committee; Carole Blazick for serving so many years on the Nominations/Elections Committee; Dorothy Hurd our Green Valley Council Representative.


Vice President: Gloria Combs did not have report.


Treasurer: Ed Frantz reviewed the foolowing documents which were provided to each person present at the meeting:

1.                  Links HOA 2011 Income Report

2.                  Links HOA 2011 Income and Disbursement Quarterly Report

3.                  Links HOA Balance Sheet (as of 12/31/11)

4.                  Links HOA 2012 Approved Budget

The above documents indicated Links HOA income of $43,498.60 in 201l and disbursements of $30, 770.98. Total assets (as of 12/31/11) amounted to $149,267.87.

            A copy of  The Links HOA 2011 Compilation and eight (8) copies of Certificates of Deposits and three (3) copies of bank statements (as of 12/31/11) indicating a total of $149,267.87 were passed around for review. He indicated we are on track to build up our reserve funds towards the goals set forth a few years ago. He said the Budget has not changed much over the years and added  "we have been living within our budget" for the past five years.

            Several comments and questions were taken from the membership. Bob Hawke expressed his opinion our HOA does not need to have such a large reserve fund. He feels members should receive a refund of what he believes is an excess in our reserves account. Tony Bishop commented a large reserve is preferable to an assessment - should the need arise. Tom Sparby said he feels a large reserve enhances the value of his property and is a selling point for all of us. Ed explained while our CC&R's do not allow our annual dues to be lowered, a refund is allowed if the Board agrees. This matter is discussed each year and the Boards have voted to continue to build our reserves.

            In answer to a question about the one percent (1%) annual real estate tax of $160 we pay each year was addressed by Ed. The Links real estate consists of the six commons areas in our HOA and taxes are based on our water bill for those areas.

            John Alley asked about the "erosion control" expense and our 2010 Landscape Committee Chairman, Gerald Vigoren explained that expense was incurred after storm water damage was repaired at the north side onf Fade Drive with concrete and rocks for a total of $375.


Secretary's Report: Pat Vincent announced the need for a replacement for the Links Green Valley Council (GVC) representative, Dorothy Hurd, who has served in that postition for several years. The GVC meets at the same time and day as The Links board. She reminded members the main communications are now done via e-mail and encouraged everyone to please be sure their e-mail addresses are up to date.


Report of Committees:


Legal: Tom Sparby stated his job had been quite simple this year. The satellite dish placement question was resolved because federal law supercedes our HOA rules.


Landscaping: Hank Glieden reported there had been a great deal of clean-up this year as a result of last winter's freezing temperatures. Our landscaper removed many dead cactus.  The "Beautification Project" which was proposed in the fall is underway. Landscaping, planter boxes, gate painting and repairs will be done as the weather permits.


Physical Plant: Norbert Bisek said the repairs to a low area on Greenside Place will cost about $2,000. Repairs include removing blacktop and filling the area to prevent a sink hole. The steets on the west side of  The Links look good at this time and he expects we should be able to go another two years before major resurfacing is needed. At this time, the cost of the chip-sealing all of our streets is estimated to be $90,000.


Architectural Review (ARC): John Scarlott encouraged members to call him if they had any questions about exterior home repairs. ARC request forms are available from him or the web site.


Social Committee: Judy Miller announced the Potato Bake will be held on Saturday, February 11th  in the Anza Room at the Springs. Members are encouraged to e-mail their reservations as soon as possible.


Election of Directors: Carole Blazick announced Carol Klapmeier and Gordon Somerville were elected to the Board of Directors. The Organizational Meeting will be held immediatly following adjournment of the Annual Meeting.


Unfinished Business:

1.                  A question about how the Santa Cruz River erosion problems on the east side of the golf course were being addressed. Harry Cook said Larry Klapmeier has been busy with this issue. The Corps of Engineers is involved and the Board feels that is the best course of action. This problem effects all of The Links home owners.

2.                  The subject of garbage removal was revisited. Harry Cook said Gloria Combs had gotten information from three companies and after comparing information, the Board determined we would continue to use Waste Management. The price of twice a week pick up was not much more than once a week pick up and the Board voted to continue the service as is. Gloria combs offered to send the information she had compiled to those who request it. Harry said the question could be revisited by the 2012 Board and possibly be put to a vote by the homeowners.


New Businsess: None


 Adjournment:  A Motion was made to Adjourn the meeting at 10:00 AM. MMSC


Respectfully Submitted:

Patricia Vincent, Secretary


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