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2010 Annual Minutes


January 28, 2010
(Unapproved Minutes)

The Links of Santa Rita Springs Homeowners Association’s Annual Meeting was held in the Fiesta Room at the Santa Rita Springs Recreation Center in Green Valley, Arizona, on Thursday, January 28, 2010, at 9:00 AM.

Directors Present: Anita Lichter, Holly Arvanites, Ron Perlman, Margie Glieden, Carmen Scarlott, Gerald Vigoren, Norbert Bisek, Tom Sparby

Directors Absent: John Alley

Members in attendance: 28

The meeting was called to order by Anita Lichter, President, at 9:03 AM. Roll call was taken. Anita thanked out-going board members Ron Perlman and John Alley for their years of service and encouraged all HOA members to volunteer. Without volunteers, the Links will have to employ a management company.

Proof of Meeting or Waiver of Notice: Carol Blazick, Election Chairperson, reported 82 ballots were returned making a quorum for this meeting. (A quorum is 51% of the membership or 48 ballots received). Ballots were mailed to all home owners on January 2, 2010, and notices posted in the communication boxes prior to this meeting.

A copy of last year’s Minutes was provided homeowners as they entered the meeting.

Reading of Minutes of preceding meeting: A motion was made to dispense with the reading of the 2009 Minutes. M/S/C (Motion made, Seconded and Carried)   A motion was made to approve the 2009 Minutes as written. M/S/C

Report of the Officers

President: Anita Lichter stated 2009 was a good year with little controversy. Everyone worked together. She thanked the members for allowing her to serve.

Vice President: Holly Arvanites provided a history of the SRSHOA Master (Santa Rita Springs Home Owners Association) Master Association, of which the Links is a member along with five other HOA’s.  The Master Association meets quarterly and is responsible for maintaining the cart path between The Greens and The Springs. It also purchases liability insurance for the cart path and pays the electric bill for one streetlight.  The Master Association spent $3,000 of its $30,000 on legal fees to explore the feasibility of disbanding.  There was no viable solution, and therefore the status quo will remain in place. The Links is legally bound to remain a member of the SRSHOA Master Association which collects $5 a year per home from each member HOA.  In the past, this fee has been suspended when it was determined there were sufficient reserve funds. Annual costs for insurance, electricity and maintenance for the cart path is about $7,000 a year.

Treasurer’s Report: In John Alley's absence, Ed Frantz, who will serve as the 2010 Treasurer gave the report. Ed reviewed the following documents:

1.      Links HOA Balance Sheet.

2.      Links HOA Income 2009.

3.      Links HOA Income and Disbursements – 2009 Summary by Quarter (Cash Flow Statement).

4.      Links 2010 Budget (Approved).

5.      Links Reserve Position Statement (Adopted Oct 18. 2007).

A total of $41,385.00 plus a $25.00 late fee has been received in dues. Two houses sold in the past year resulting in transfer fees of $140.00. The CD interest earned was $3,410.94 and the Savings Account interest earned was $75.33, resulting in a total income of $45,036.27 for the year. There is a balance of $120,966.41 in total assets.

The Links’ three main expenditures are landscaping, gates, and electricity.   Total disbursements vs. budget adjust to 72.17%.  There was a $250.00 deductible paid to repair the gate that was damaged by a car. The total disbursements for 2009 were $32,344.97.

The budget has not changed much in the past five years. Ed spoke about the need to continue to build up Reserve Funds to cover the costs of future expenditures such as:

1.      Resealing and patching the streets every three years - $15,000

2.      Complete  re-paving of streets - $150,000  (two-year old estimate)

The purpose of building up reserves is to avoid special assessments and eliminate the need to borrow money. 

Secretary Report: Ron Perlman, who is stepping down after two terms plus one year, announced he will continue to maintain the Links’ website, update the HOA Directory, post monthly Minutes and the list of Board Member contacts. He will work closely with Pat Vincent who will take his position.

Report of Committees

Physical Plant: Norbert Bisek reported the cracks in the streets will wait another year to be resealed.

Landscaping: Gerald Vigoren reported the landscaping expenses came in under budget. Wind took down two trees near the entrance on the southeast side. The downed trees were replaced with slow-growing, deep-rooted Arizona Heritage Oak trees. A tree south of the west entrance will be replaced with a low-growing plant. An ocotillo was replaced with a saguaro on Fade Drive.  Cacti were also transplanted in several areas.

Last year 35 tons of gravel was spread at the north end of Chipshot Drive and another 35 tons will be spread in the spring.  A cement bench will be placed in the commons area at the end of Chipshot Drive.

ARC/Compliance: Margie Glieden reported homeowners have been asked to notify the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) before painting their houses, even if it is the same color. A form has been posted on The Links HOA website. The form will need to be filled out and submitted to ARC for approval.  A discussion followed when a member asked if this requirement would constitute a CC&R change. The in-coming board will address this.

Communications/Social: Carmen Scarlott reported receiving $525 in donations from HOA members. The funds will be used for social activities.

Social Committee Member, Judy Miller, announced the annual Potato Bake will be held on February 12. The Links’ 2010 Christmas party will be held at Kristofer’s in Amado on December 8, 2010.

Election of Directors: All of the nominees were approved to sit on the 2010 Board of Directors.  Harry Cook, Ed Frantz, Norbert Bisek and Pat Vincent will serve two year terms.

Unfinished Business:

New Business:

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 AM by President Anita Lichter.

Respectfully Submitted,
Pat Vincent, Secretary


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