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2009 Annual Minutes


January 22, 2009 
(Unapproved minutes)

Directors Present: John Alley, Holly Arvanites, Margie Glieden, Tom Myers, Ron Perlman, Carmen Scarlott, Gerald Vigoren
Directors Absent: Fred Bader

Members in attendance:  28

The meeting was called to order by Tom Myers, president, at 9:02 A.M

Carol Blazick, Election Chairperson, was not able to attend the Annual Meeting. In her place, Ed Frantz announced that there was a quorum for the meeting. It takes 51% of the membership or 48 ballots received.

A copy of last year’s minutes was provided homeowners as they entered the meeting.

MOTION:  Moved that we waive the reading and approve the Minutes of the 2008 Annual Meeting.  M/S/C (Motion/Seconded/Carried)

Tom Myers, President, called on Ron Perlman, Secretary, to comment on the Agenda item: Proof of notice of meeting or waiver of notice. Ron mentioned that proof of noticed was covered by the Jan 2nd mailing to all homeowners, postings in the communication cabinets, and emails sent to everyone a week prior to the Annual Meeting.

In completing his tenure as President, Tom Myers thanked fellow board members for their service.  Special thanks went out to both Fred Bader and Marc Dallanegra for their respective roles as Physical Plant and Communication Coordinators.  

Tom reported that the ballots and cover letter sent to all homeowners had to be reprinted because a homeowner, who initially agreed to serve on the board, requested his name be taken off the ballot. Therefore, the current HOA Board has one vacancy.  

Tom Myers called on John Alley, Treasurer of the HOA, to provide the yearly financial report.

Treasurer’s Report:

John Alley, Treasurer, reviewed the following documents: 

  1. Links HOA Balance Sheet.

  2. Links HOA Income – 2008.

  3. Links HOA Income and Disbursements – 2008 Summary by Quarter (Cash Flow Statement).

  4. Links 2008 Budget (Approved).

  5. Links Reserve Position Statement (Adopted Oct 18. 2007

  6. Reprint of an article about an HOA that imposed special assessments.

Our total assets of $108,275 have more than doubled from 2004 year end assets of 52,629.  Our income is derived from dues of $445 per home.  Money from a homeowner who died after paying his 2009 dues was included in the 2008 totals.  Five houses sold resulted in transfer fees of  $70 per home.  Our cash, with the exception of Operating Funds, are in CDs which have earned $3,300.  Our total income was $46,114.

Our three main expenditures are landscaping, gates and electricity.   Total disbursements vs. budget adjust to 83%.  This adjustment reflects money that was not spent but transferred to our Reserve Funds. In October, the Board approved moving $35,755 from operations to Reserves of which $ $8000 was budgeted. The additional funds came from money that accumulated in Operating Funds over the past two years.

The Links 2008 Budget has few changes from the 2007 Budget.

John Alley talked about the need to continue to build up our Reserve Funds to cover the costs of future expenditures such as:

  1.    Resealing and patching the streets every three years - $15,000
2.    Complete  re-paving of streets - $150,000 
3.    Replacing mechanisms of both gates – 12,500
4.    Non dedicated reserves (contingency) - $100,000 (curbs, sidewalks, disaster, litigation)

The purpose of building up our reserves is to avoid special assessments and eliminate the need to borrow money.  

John is planning to research other HOA’ s income, spending, and reserves. He plans to have an analysis completed in time for next year’s annual meeting.

Landscape: Gerald Vigoren, Landscape Coordinator, reported that due to mild winters in 2007 and 2008, we did not have any significant tree damage.  However, there was a lot of rain that resulted in weed problems.

35 tons of gravel was placed behind houses on the northwest side of Fade Drive. An additional 35 tons will be put there this year.  The area was also treated with pre-emergent to inhibit the growth of weeds.

2 tons of larger gravel and 4 large rocks were placed at the north end of Wedge Way in front of the path to the 4th hole. This was done in response to golf course maintenance vehicles that were spilling gravel and dirt on our streets.  This generated complaints from the Fairways HOA who use the path to get to Abrego. Two of the large rocks were subsequently moved to allow golf carts to pass through.  Gerrald met with Jeff Bogner, Golf Course Superintendant, who was accommodating, and said his men will no longer drive through that path. Jeff also agreed to clear the arroyo along Chipshot Drive.  Our landscaper will finish the cleanup work.

In a response to a homeowners question, Gerald will have our landscaper add additional gravel to those common areas where the gravel has become sparse.

Gerald thanked Doris Pilemalm and Hank Glieden for their help.  Early in the spring, Doris surveyed the common areas along Abrego and developed a master plan factoring the size, amount, and color of future plantings, and this year we put in about 35 new plantings.  Hank planted about 40 -50 cacti along the common area in a barren area behind Fade Drive near Abrego.  It would take a few years before any significant difference will be seen.

Election of Directors:

Ed Frantz announced that 81 ballots of the 94 mailed out were returned. All nominees were approved for service on the 2009 board. Tom announced that Anita Lichter agreed to serve as the new President

Unfinished Business:

New Business: 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:32 A.M.
Respectfully submitted by Ron Perlman, Secretary


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