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2008 Annual Minutes


January 24, 2008 

Directors Present: John Alley, Holly Arvanites, Marc Dallanegra, Margie Glieden, Tom Myers, Ron Perlman, Carmen Scarlott, Gerald Vigoren.
Directors Absent: Fred Bader.

Members in attendance:  34

The meeting was called to order by Tom Myers, president, at 9:00 A.M

Carol Blazick, Election Chairperson, announced that we have a quorum for the meeting. It takes 51% of the membership or 48 ballots received. 77 ballots out of 94 were received.

A copy of last year minutes was provided homeowners as they entered the meeting.

MOTION:  Moved that we waive the reading and approve the Minutes of the 2007 Annual Meeting.  M/S/C (Motion/Seconded/Carried)

Tom Myers commented that this past year was a harmonious one with few issues among homeowners; most homeowners have demonstrated a mutual respect for each other, as well as a commitment to the rules of the association. 

Tom talked about an article he wrote for the upcoming NewsLinks in which he talked about the board needing to impose fines on a homeowner for not following the associations’ rules.  Fines related to the following:

  1. A physical structure that was put up and is in dispute with an ARC decision.

  2. Parking cars in the driveway.

  3. Garage door remaining open.

As part of the appeal process, there will be a closed executive meeting of the board tomorrow (1/25) to deal with issue #1 above.

Tom called on Carol Blazick, Election Chairperson, who announced that all nominees were approved for service on the 2008 board. All board members agreed to continue to in the same positions as last year.

  1.    Tom Myers, President.
2.    Holly Arvanites, Vice President.
3.    Margie Glieden, ARC/Compliance Coordinator.
4.    Fred Bader, Physical Plant Coordinator.
5.    Gerald Vigoren,  Landscape Coordinator.
6.    Carmon Scarlott, Legal Affairs Coordinator.

 Board members below were on the ballot for reelection:
  7.    John Alley, Treasurer
8.    Ron Perlman, Secretary
9.    Marc Dallanegra, Community Affairs

Tom thanked fellow board members for their service.

Tom Myers called on John Alley, Treasurer of the HOA, to provide the yearly financial report.

Treasurer’s Report:

John Alley, Treasurer, thanked Ed Frantz for providing meticulous records when he turned over the position to him in 2007. 

If we don’t have more participation from homeowners, the biggest issue facing our HOA is the possibility of having a management company take over operations.  Next year we will have 6 board members up for reelection. Some of these 6 might not run again.  The three board members elected this year will not be able serve again because they would have served for two, two year terms.  According to the Bylaws, a person can serve two, two year terms and then must sit out a year before standing for election. If a management company comes in, we will still need a board to provide direction.  In addition, the cost could be more than $50,000.  This would have a significant impact on HOA dues.

 John reviewed the following documents:

  1. Links HOA Balance Sheet.

  2. Links HOA Income and Disbursements – 2007 Summary by Quarter (Cash Flow Statement).

  3. Links HOA Income – 2007.

  4. Links 2008 Budget (Approved).

  5. Links Reserve Position Statement (Adopted Oct 18. 2007).

Our end of year net worth of $89,560.28 is an increase of $20,505.01 from the previous year. Income during the year was $46,641.64 which is derived from dues, transfer fees, Interest from CD’s and savings accounts. We spent 78% or $34,136.63 of $43.550.00 budgeted. The 2008 budget is essentially the same as the previous budget.  The biggest item that did not happen was an allocation into Physical Plant for repair of curbs.  We are trying to find an affordable way to repair cracks in the curbs and reallocated funds for that in the 2008 budget.

In October, the board took a position to build the reserves to minimize the need for special future assessments, borrowing, or dues increases. At that time, the board decided not to give back rebates to homeowners until we have built up reserves to cover costs as outlined in the position statement. John clarified the board’s position relating to the estimated costs below:

  1. Resealing and patching the streets every three years - $15,000.

  2. Complete repaving of streets - $150,000.

  3. Replacing the mechanisms for both gates - $12,500.

  4. Non- dedicated reserves (contingency) - $100,000 (curbs, sidewalks, disaster, litigation).

While we have been keeping our dues at $445/year, other associations have either raised their dues or are considering raising them. As of 2007 the following HOA dues were: The Greens - $540. The legends - $567, and The Springs - $425.  Next year The Springs HOA dues will be increased by 20%.

Landscape: Gerald Vigoren

During the winter of 2006 – 2007, we had a lot of frost damage, and in the spring of 2007, there was a bad wind storm that took out 5 trees. It took the landscaper into the spring to complete the trimming of plants and trees, and replace those that were lost.  About 40 plants were put in this year.

Arizona Oak trees were put in by the mailboxes on Greenside Place.  These trees will be dark green and will keep their color all year round.  They will grow to a height of 16 feet.

An infestation of ground squirrels on the north end of Fade Drive was taken care of. 

For aesthetical reasons, a fiberglass rock was used to cover a valve belonging to Farmers Water in front of the house on Greenside Place near the east gate entrance.  Previously this valve had a lock and a green bag covering it.

We spent about 96% of the maintenance budget , 88% of the supplies, plants, labor budget, and 78% of the water budget.  The cost of putting new trees in were costs not covered in our contract with the landscaper.

Physical Plant: In Fred Bader’s absence, John Alley, provided an update about problems with the west side gates.  As the gates have aged, corrosionx on the leads to the chips have caused the gates to behave erratically for about three weeks.  The gates were repaired this past Monday.  On the east side, there was a lightning caused event that required the chips to be replaced and resulted in the gate being inoperable for five weeks.

In response to a question, Holly Arvanites, vice president, talked about the new independent living center (The Retreat) currently under construction on Abrego across from Silver Springs.  The new center will be age restricted, all rentals, and have fewer than 200 units.   Units will not have GVR memberships. 

Unfinished Business:

New Business: 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:34 A.M.

Respectfully submitted by Ron Perlman, Secretary



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