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2007 Annual Minutes


January 25, 2007 

All Directors Present: John Alley, Fred Bader, Harry Cook, Marc Dallanegra, John Fanning, Ed Frantz, Juan Lichter, Ron Perlman, and Manny Ventura

Members in attendance:  52

The meeting was called to order by John Fanning at 9:00 am.

Carol Blazick, Election Chairperson, announced that we received 88 ballots out of 94, and we had a quorum for the meeting. It takes 51% of the membership or 48 received.

A copy of last year minutes was provided homeowners as they entered the meeting.

MOTION:  Moved that we waive the reading and approve the Minutes of the 2006 Annual meeting meeting.  M/S/C (Motion/Seconded/Carried)

John Fanning called on Ed Frantz, Treasurer of the HOA to provide the yearly financial report. John also noted that Ed Frantz has served on the board for four years and will not be able to serve another term.

According to the Bylaws, a person can serve two, two year terms and then must sit out a year before standing for election. In February of this year,*we knew that Ed was leaving and prevailed upon John Alley to work with him in order to insure a smooth transition of the Treasurer’s position.

Treasurer’s Report:

Ed Frantz provided an abbreviated version of the 2006 Financial Compilation and reviewed the following:

         1. Income – 2006
         2. Income & Disbursements – 2006 (Cash flow statement)
         3.Disbursements – 2006
         4. Balance Sheet
         5.Links 2007 Budget

The HOA’s compilation is about 90 pages and is available to all homeowners to review . It contains all of the above sheets, every bank account statement, copy of all bills, etc.

Ed mentioned our current year end total assets are at $69k. When he started 4 years ago it was $30k. We have been saving about $10k per year to put into our reserves for possible future expenses.  In 2006, we took $10,800 from our reserve to pay for paving and sealing the streets and repairing cracks.

In response to a question about the increase in the landscape budget for 2007, Ed stated it was due to added expenses for adding plants to the arroyo, as well as a projected increase in the amount our landscaper will charge. This very likely will happen with passage of the increase in the minimum wage producing higher labor costs  It was also mentioned that the landscaper will fix the drains (weep holes from homeowners walls adjacent to common area).

A question as to why we are budgeting $8,000, and putting this money into the streets & property reserves in one year when we can do it over three years was presented.  Ed said that any major expenses will probably be with the streets and that is why the board decided to build up the reserves in streets & property instead of putting it in the non dedicated reserve.

We received an estimate for repaving our streets of $110,000.  Since our streets will need paving in 10-12 years the real cost could well be above $250,000.   The board decided to put funds away for this instead of having to assess homeowners or borrow money in the future.  A discussion as to whether current homeowners should pay for this if they are not going to live here followed. The discussion also covered the pros and cons of lowering the dues or issuing a credit, thereby keeping a lower reserve fund. The consensus of those present was to keep the dues the same and continue to put money into the reserved for the future.

Physical Plant: Coordinator John Alley, updated the Physical Plant Survey and reviewed what was included in the survey. From that document a check list was created.  John and Fred Bader reviewed the items on the check list and determined that our common railing needed painting.

Norbert Bisek volunteered his time to paint all the railings.  John also encouraged the board to keep setting aside funds (without increasing dues) for resurfacing the streets and thought that $250,000 was a conservative estimate. John also provided a history of the east side gate problems and said we may have to increase reserves to deal with wear and tear of the gates and electronics inside.

John said that this year we will have to evaluate the gate service provider and develop an alternative source if necessary, and develop a plan, when and if the gate components need updating.  There are sidewalk areas that need to me monitored.  The curbs are very thick and have lots of little cracks in them.  For now they are ok but need to be watched. 

John advised everyone to avoid parking on the curbs and make sure your landscapers and service providers don’t park on the curbs. Fixing them will be very expensive.

John provided an overview of the erosion problem along the 8th fairway at Torres Blancas.  He wrote a letter to the owner of the golf course which was routed down to the golf pro who said he will have a decision as to what they will do to rectify the problem.  Fred Bader, as the new Physical Plant Coordinator will follow up.

 Landscape: Many Ventura talked about problems where some of our plants cannot take the heat and or cold and therefore die.  Therefore, we need to look for replacements that will do well all year round. Many also talked about trees and the common areas, and said that our objective is to have the common areas looking good.  Many thanked Judy Miller and Dorris Pilemalm for their help.  In 2007, the common areas will be revised and the front entrance on the west side will be upgraded.

John Fanning reported that over the last few months, the board has worked to insure a smooth transition from the previous board, and its functions to the new board in terms of the officers and coordinators. 

John introduced the nominees for the 2007 board. Carol Blazick, Election Chairperson, announced that all nominees were approved for service on the 2007 board. John introduced the new board and informed everyone of the following changes subject to approval by the new board following the annual meeting:

1. Tom Myers agreed to be President.
2. Holly Arvanites agreed to be Vice President.
3. Margie Glieden agreed to be ARC/Compliance Coordinator.
4. Fred Bader agreed to be Physical Plant Coordinator.
5. Gerald Vigoren agreed to be Landscape Coordinator.
6. Carmon Scarlott agreed to be Legal Affairs Coordinator.

The officers for the 2007 board will be officially nominated and confirmed at the organization meeting that will take place directly after this meeting. They will be joined by:

         1. John Alley, Treasurer
         2. Ron Perlman, Secretary
         3. Marc Dallanegra, Community Affairs

At the end of the meeting John Fanning informed everyone to pick up a packet containing the following:

Self addressed stamped envelope for ballot

1.Cover letter
2. Ballot (Amended and Restated Bylaws).
3. Amended and Restated Bylaws.
4. Homeowners Guidelines and Rules Enforcement
5. Homeowner Member Directory

Those not in attendance at the meeting will have their packets delivered, and in a few instances, packets may have to be mailed.

John thanked Juan Lichter for his work on the revised Bylaws, as well as his work on the CC&Rs that were approved last year.  Juan was also thanked for his work on the new Homeowners Guidelines and Rules Enforcement that was done collaboratively via  committee, with help from Denny Arvanites who worked on the original guidelines.

Unfinished Business:

New Business:

The meeting was adjourned at 9:54 A.M. with the newly elected board to meet immediately after.

Respectfully submitted by Ron Perlman


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