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2006 Annual Minutes


JANUARY 26, 2006 AT 1:00 P.M.

All Directors Present: John Alley, Harry Cook, Hal Crawford, Marc Dallanegra, Ed Frantz, Robert Hawk, Juan Lichter, Ron Perlman, and Manny Ventura

Members in attendance:  45

The meeting was called to order by Ed Frantz at 1:00 p.m. Carol Blazick, Election Chairperson, announced a quorum and informed homeowners of the following results of the gate ballot:

Option 1. Status quo. Ė 66 votes, Option 2. Most secure Ė 3 votes, Option 3. Similar to the Greens Ė 12 votes

A copy of last year minutes was provided homeowners.

MOTION:  Moved that we waive the reading and approve the Minutes of the 2005 Annual meeting meeting.  M/S/C (Motion/Seconded/Carried)

Presidents Report:
Ed noted that 90 out of 92 ballots were returned (not all ballots cast a vote).

The HOA has been working on the CC&Rís for about 4 years and must go through the following steps:  Revision, attorney review,  homeowners vote (67% needed for acceptance), and registration  with the county.  All members present at the meeting will get a copy of the CC&Rís to review after the meeting.  Along with the CC&Rís will be a cover sheet and ballot.

Under advisement of our attorney, references to trees will not be in the CC&Rís and instead be part of the Homeowners Guidelines.  It is felt this move will make the new CC&Rís less controversial and more likely to pass.   A discussion of CC&Rís took place.  Ed provided a history of the tree/view issue for those at the meeting who were not familiar with it.  After a long discourse, Hal Crawford moved to bypass the discussion of the trees as homeowners will have ample time to voice their opinions in the future (subject was not on the agenda).  The motion was voted on and passed.

 President Ed Frantz thanked everyone who has served the community including board members, committee members, people that have the patio parties. Volunteers help us avoid hiring a management company which would result in our dues increasing by a substantial sum.  He was disappointed that we had only one person volunteer for a board position. Ed mentioned that this year we had three resignations on the board and thanked John Alley, and Marc Dallanegra, and Ron Perlman for filling those spots. Ed introduced board members and thanked Bob Hawk for serving 5 years.   

Treasurerís Report:  Ed Frantz provided an abbreviated version of the 2005 Financial Compilation and reported the following:

 Resulting bills caused by Premier Homes cutting the sewer, power, and telephone lines (cut twice) by lots 30 & 31 were sent to Premier Homes who paid them.  However, the telephone company would not do the repair work without billing the phone number.  Therefore, we paid for those repairs and later submitted the bills to Premier who reimbursed us.

 Ed reported that we had a $65,000 balance in various accounts and CDs.  Since we reached our goal of having a reserve of $65,000, the board decided to give back some money to the homeowners. Dues will not be reduced for next year. Homeowners will instead get a credit of $25 that will be applied to the HOA 2006 dues of $445 reducing the amount they have to pay in 2006 to $420. Eleven homes were sold last year for which we received a $70 transfer fee for each.

 Ed mentioned that one person asked for an audit of our books.  The board sent a letter to that person stating in effect that we will not have an audit and invited him to view our compilation.

Last year, a new law was passed that states you need an audit or a compilation at the end of June, or 6 months after the fiscal year ends. The Links HOAís compilation contains approximately 50 pages and is available for all homeowners to review. The compilation includes all bank statements, deposit slips. We do not deal in cash. Everything comes in by check and goes out by check.

 A question was asked about unpaid 2002 dues on the Links HOA Balance Sheet.  Ed said that at the end of 2002 there was a balance of $80 from one member of the community who had past away.  This balance was paid the following year.

 Ed was also asked to explain what the HOA pays in income tax.  He said we pay income tax only on the interest earned from our accounts.  In 2005 we paid $50 state income tax, $81 in federal income tax.

MOTION:  Moved that we accept the financial report (M/S/C).

Legal Affairs: Juan Lichter said board member recommendations to the CC&Rs went to the lawyer for review and inclusion in the new version.  All relevant legislation passed during the last year was incorporated and items relating to the developer were removed.

Physical Plant: Ron Perlman reported the following:
We fixed approximately a 2-3 inch space between the concrete by the mail boxes on Fade and Wedge way.  Replaced a halogen light with a florescent light at the east gate entrance and added an outlet at the base. A light on Greenside was out and repaired by TEP. In September we had the entrance markers painted on both the east and west side of Abrego.  We also had the exterior wall by the lots of two new houses on the east side painted the same color. It was previously white. Ace Asphalt repaired 14 patches in August and we are going to have the streets resealed in the spring.

ARC Report:  Harry Cook reported that everything is quiet and in order.

Landscape Report: Many Ventura reported that during the year we will have three walk throughs with the landscape committee.  This committee will then establish goals that will be submitted to our landscaper.  Our next walk through will be on Tuesday, January 31st. Many responded to a question about erosion control and said he thought the $1000,00 we have budgeted should be enough.

Election of Directors

John Fanning was nominated and elected to serve on the board.

Unfinished Business:

New Business;

The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 p.m. with the newly elected board to meet immediately after.

Respectfully submitted by Ron Perlman


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