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2014 Minutes




NOVEMBER 18, 2014

The following Directors responded to roll call: John Scarlott, Mike Clemens, Katie McLeod, Mike Malenfant, Tim Perkins, and Gerald Vigoren. Vice President, Michael Clemens, served as President in the absence of Gloria Coombs

The minutes of the October 21 meeting were approved by the Directors.

President’s Report: Mike Clemens reported the Bylaws Subcommittee would meet immediately following the Directors Meeting.

Treasurer:  Tim Perkins reported the expenditures for October were $1414.56.  The amount included Property Taxes, utilities, postage and landscaping. The total revenues for October came to $169.50 which included $99.50 interest and $70.00 from home ownership transfer fees.

The Links HOA account with Bank of America had been closed. The proceeds have been transferred to Washington Federal and added to the reserve fund for streets and sidewalks.

Tim Perkins moved and Mike Malenfant seconded that an email be sent to the membership informing them that they could pay their dues in two parts.  The first part, $245.00, would be due January 1 and the second part, $200.00, would be due June 1.

Tim Perkins moved and Mike Clemens seconded a Collection Policy be adopted. The first notice of delinquent dues would be sent out in 30 days after January 1 with a $35.00 penalty added to amount due.  The second stronger letter would be sent 60 days later.  A third letter would be sent 90 days later if the first two were ignored.  Interest will also accrue on the delinquent fees at 15% per annum.

Tim had emailed Bayview a letter requesting the payment of $111.25 HOA dues for the remainder of the year on Pope House. Both the Owens and Pope Houses have been turned over to realtor, Gale Novak, from Copper View Realty. She needs a W9, and invoice, re dues in arrears, from the Links on the Owens property of the expenses for the Mortgage Company. The total of the invoice would come to $541.16. MS. Novak will take care of cleaning up the yard at the Pope House. Five Brothers have been hired to take care of the Owen’s property.

Tim learned that the Cudden Management Company bid $12,000 to manage one HOA and Michael Malenfant said that Stratford Management charges around  $22,000 to manage the Legends. 

The Commons Chair, Gerald Vigoren, reported that the weed removal had been completed; a load of gravel was to be delivered to the north entrance of the Links on the west side of Abrego; and the crew works only at the direction of the Landscape Committee. 

Mike Malenfant moved and Mike seconded that the Secretary send a letter to the Fairways HOA stating the property some of their homeowners are using to access Abrego via Chip Shot is private property and that this access may revoked at any time.  Motion carried with one nay.

ARC Chair, John Scarlott, reported that all was well in the Links.

Katie McLeod moved and Tim Perkins seconded that the homeowners need to check with the ARC and the Landscape Committee before purchasing and planting a tree.  The proposed tree, when fully matured, should stand no taller than the roof of the homeowners’ homes.  Motion carried.

Legal Affairs Chair, Mike Malenfant, made the following proposals:  1. Have Brian Westin, the Pima County Road Engineer, check the Links Streets to determine their condition and make recommendations for keeping them in good shape.  He would be able to give an unbiased opinion about their longevity before a complete replacement might be needed. 2.  He provided copies of the overhead map of the Links including the common areas and setbacks. 3. He is going to check with MS Goldschmidt about record retention. 4. The extension of the side walk along Abrego is not going to happen.

Mike Malenfant moved and Gerald Vigoren the minutes should include failed motions.  The motion passed with one nay.

Carmen Scarlott reported the Phone Tree was ready to go. There are block captains who should be called in the event of an emergency in the Links. Total cost of replacing the old Bulletin Boards was discussed. 

Janie Perkins was thanked for calling the ADOT to get the east shoulder of Abrego cleaned up. Which was done.

The Director Meeting was adjourned by President Pro Temp, Mike Clemens. 

Following the Directors Meeting the Bylaws workshop went into session.  Katie moved and Mike Clemens seconded that the Changes in the bylaws were ready to be presented to the full Board of Directors at the December Meeting. Motion carried.  The workshop was the adjourned.

Respectively submitted by: Katherine McLeod



October 21 2014

The following Directors responded to roll call: John Scarlott, Tim Perkins, Mike Clemens, Gloria Coombs, Katie McLeod, Mike Malenfant, and Gerald Vigoren.

Three people from the general membership were in attendance including: John Bloomfield, Ron Perlman and Carmen Scarlott.

The minutes of the September 16, 2014 were approved as corrected by the Directors. The correction was the person in charge of Links HOA properties is the person who deals with Waste Management.  In this case Mike Clemens.

President’s Report: Emails regarding nominations and elections had been sent to Carole Blazick and Katie McLeod.

Vice President Mike Clemens reported that the proposed changes in the Links bylaws are coming along. The SRSHOA master HOA dues will not be changed for 2015.  He suggested that we could give the pathway, between the two HOAs, to the Santa Rita Springs and avoid paying for its upkeep.  There is special code for emergency vehicles to use in order to get the Links gates open.

Treasurer’s report including the current status of 2014 budgeted items versus the amounts spent. The expenditures for September were $2,803.93 and the revenue was $152.93. All dues for 2014 had been received.  Total reserves to date were $171,465.45.  Income to date was $42,830.00 and expenditures to date $23,589.00. The percentages are 98% of the budgeted income has been received and 47% of the budgeted expense has been spent.  There are three more expenditure coming up: $1140 in gate fees, $887 for landscape and $480 annual rental fee for storage.

Tim Perkins moved and Katie McLeod seconded sending notices of membership dues by email. Motion carried by 5 to 1.  The members, who do not have email, will receive their notice by regular mail.

Tim Perkins moved and Mike Malenfant seconded that the homebuyers transfer fee be raised to $200.00.  (This would be in line with what is being charged by our neighboring HOAs.) The motion carried.

Tim explained the reason for having more designated reserve funds is to set aside more money by category for the future needs of the Links.

Gerald Vigoren moved and Mike Malenfant seconded the approval of the 2015 Budget.  The Motion carried.

 Landscape Scape Committee:  Gerald Vigoren moved and Mike Malenfant seconded that the homeowners are responsible for their yards including the pesky animals that invade their yards. The motion carried.

Gerald gave an update about the Common Areas.  Rocks in the riverbeds are usually dealt with in the winter. The crew had to remove one tree.  Bruce Palese had walked around the Links on the west side siting what needed to be removed and what needed to be improved.  Hank Glieden is back and has agreed to serve on the Landscape Committee.  There are now four people on the committee.

ARC:  John Scarlott had gotten touch with the realtor who was responsible for putting up a permanent sign on west commons area.  It was finally taken down by the realtor.  One of the new members brought up the problem of mature trees blocking the view of other neighbors.  There is nothing that the Board can do about that as of now.  The good neighbor policy has worked pretty well in the past.

Legal Affairs:  Mike Malenfant had attended the GVC meeting preceding the Board of Directors Meeting. He handed out copies of the records retention schedule to the Directors and Web Master, Ron Perlman.

Mike reported that GVC was having money problems because the advertisers in our local phone book no longer wanted to support the local phone book.  He gave an update on the bylaws.

Old Business:   Carmen reported that she had set up block captains with neighbors numbers to call in case of an emergency. She was asked to check on the costs of putting in bigger Bulletin Boards.  The costs would include the hourly rental for an auger, the cost of the posts and the cost of the boards themselves. She will report her findings at the November meeting.

The President adjourned the meeting.

Katie McLeod



September 16, 2014

Approved as corrected

The following Directors responded to roll call: John Scarlott, Mike Clemens, Katie McLeod, Gloria Coombs, Mike Malenfant, Tim Perkins, and Gerald Vigoren.

The minutes of the May 20, 2014 were approved by the Directors.

President’s Report:

Gloria Coombs stated she will be calling a meeting of the Nominations and Elections   The Secretary, Katie McLeod, is the chair and Carole Blazick is the other member of this committee. Carmen Scarlott will notify the Links HOA Members of the number of Directors whose terms expire in January 2015.

The Chair of the HOA Properties is the point of contact with Waste Management is Mike Clements

Vice President’s Report:

Mike Clemens reported his findings regarding costs of maintaining Links HOA facilities. 1. Roads:  seal coating and crack repair, $13,000; crack repairs without seal coating, $5000; and total replacement, $210,000. Ace Asphalt concluded the roads would not require total replacement for at least fifteen more years and 2. Other facilities would require an estimated amount of $5,200.

Treasurer’s Report:

Tim Perkins provided the following to the Directors:

1.      A copy of the current expenditures and revenues.

2.      A copy of the 2014 Budget showing the comparison of what line item monies had been expended and the amounts allowed for those expenditures.

Tim had moved the checking account from Bank of America to Washington Federal Bank, which holds the HOA CD’s. This change was made in order to take advantage of receiving .2% interest on that account.

Tim’s report and moving the checking account to another bank were accepted.

Mike Clemens brought up the issue of the monthly amount paid to Altech for maintaining the gates.  He compared the amount paid with a contract and what it would be without a contract.

Mike Malenfant moved that a special Board of Directors meeting be called to work on the 2015 budget.  Mike Clemens seconded the motion. The motion carried.  The Altech Contract maybe a part of the discussion at that meeting. The meeting will be held at 1:30 PM, Tuesday the 23rd in the Kino Room at the Santa Rita Springs HOA.

Secretary’s Report:

The Secretary moved and the motion was seconded by Mike Clemens that the 2015 GVR Room reservation will remain unchanged. The motion carried unanimously.

Common Area Report:

Gerald Vigoren reported on the super abundance of wild flowers in the Common Areas and cleaning out the culvert on the Abrego Arroyo. The wild flowers are sprayed and pulled when they become excessive. As of now the crew provides 8 man hours a week on the Common Areas. A complaint was registered per the level of maintenance being provided.

ARC Report:

 John Scarlott gave the report from the ARC.  Carmen will send a notice to all members that any complaints about neighbors’ yards should be addressed to John, Chair of the ARC.

 Mike Malenfant noted that he as Legal Chairman is the representative to the GVC.

New Business:

Carmen Scarlott and Carole Blazek will set up a phone tree to deal with Links emergencies.

The Fairway HOA is objecting to the placement of rocks blocking the community’s golf carts from using Chipshot Rd. to get to Abrego.  Mike Malenfant will discuss the issue with the GVC.

President Gloria Coombs adjourned the meeting.

Respectively Submitted by the Secretary

Katie Mcleod


May 20, 2014 MINUTES

The following members of the Board responded to roll call:

John Scarlott, Mike Clemens, Mike Malenfant, Jerry Vigoren, Tim Perkins, Gloria Combs and Katie McLeod.

Minutes of the 4/15/14 meeting were approved as emailed to the directors.

President’s Report:

Gloria Combs noted that the ARC is the committee responsible for making sure that all homeowners’ properties are in compliance with CC&Rs.  Every homeowner is responsible to report to the chairman of the ARC if she/he has a complaint about neighbors’ yards, etc.  The chairman (currently John Scarlott) will take care of the complaints.

Home owners’ guidelines allow RVs and other vehicles to be parked on the road for 48 hours. This would apply to the turn a- rounds.

Vice President’s Report

Mike Clemens had walked the sidewalks in the Links and found little or no damage.  Gerald and the crew had taken care of any eroded areas under concrete slopes. Mike is going to check with the County about extending the sidewalks on Obrego.   Torres Blancas may also be contacted to see if they have any interest in extending the sidewalks.

The Treasurer Report

Tim Perkins supplied the B of D members with written financials for the period ending 4/30/14.  It included the following information:  Total expenditures for the month came to $2,781.68 which included $2,460.00 for landscaping (supplies, plants and labor); $42.71 for maintenance of streets and properties; and $278.89 for utilities.

Income for the month was $7.67 remaining interested from cashed out CD. As of April only 23.89 % of the budget has been expended.

Katie moved and Gerald seconded that the Treasurer with the Associate Treasurer (the President) will renew the CDs maturing in August; and if necessary, place them with another financial institution offering a better return on the investment. Motion carried.


Mike Malenfant provided the Directors with copy of a spread sheet containing information for the long range plan. It is still a work in process. (The Long Range Plan will be provided on the HOA website once it is completed and approved by Board.) 

Any changes of the Bylaws will have to be approved by the general membership at the Annual Meeting.


Jerry reported most of work during the month consisted in cleaning up the mess in the common areas caused by heavy winds.  The crew was clearing weeds out of the Links share of the arroyo. Jerry had discovered that a homeowner had planted some bushes in the common area.  This does not conform to the Links CC&Rs 8.1.3.  Mike Malenfant moved that the Secretary write a letter to the homeowner requesting the bushes be removed in a timely manner. Mike Clemens seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Mike Clemens will check the gate at the end of South Fade Dr. to see if it can be opened.  If the gate padlocked, then he will ask Norbert for the key assuming he has it.


Katie was asked to get together with Carmen to determine what is needed in the way of message boxes including number and the cost of buying new boxes installed.  They should also consider better management of the boxes

Katie moved and Mike Malenfant seconded that an ad hoc committee be established to review all Links HOA governing documents and bring back recommendations to the full Board for their consideration and approval.  Motion carried.

Mike Clemens will chair this committee which will consist of Mike Clemens, Mike Malenfant, Tim Perkins, Katie McLeod and at least one from the membership at large.

The recommendations that are approved by the Board will be presented at the next Annual Meeting of the Links HOA for the approval of the general membership.

Meeting was adjourned.

Katherine McLeod

Recording Secretary



April 15, 2014

The following members of the Board responded to roll call:

John Scarlott, Mike Clemens, Jerry Vigoren, Tim Perkins, Gloria Combs and Katie McLeod.

Minutes of the 3/18/14 were approved but it will be checked for typos.

Members Forum:  Two members were present: Jane Perkins and Carmen Scarlott.

President’s Report:

Gloria Combs provided some information about changing parliamentary procedures which she learned from a workshop.

1.       Do not have to approve minutes.

2.      The treasurer’s report needs to be filed.

3.      A motion is not necessary to adjourn a meeting

4.      Instead of using “old business” in the agenda the Secretary should use the words “unfinished business”.

5.      Because the Links Board has so few members, the President has the right to enter into the discussion and to vote on the motions.

Vice President’s Report

1.       The yield sign on South Fade Drive has been put up along with straightening of the street signs on the same corner of S. Fade and Wedge Way.

2.      The sidewalks on either side of Abrego are the responsibility of Pima County.  There are few spots on those sidewalks with noticeable dirt washing out from under the concrete. Mike Clemens will address with the County.

The Treasurer supplied the B of D members with written financials for March 2014.  It included the following information:  Total expenditures for the month came to $2,691.39 which included $1,140.00 for repairs on the east gate; $780.00 for commons landscape, Tax of $217.00, Accounting for $275.00, and Utilities came to $279.39.  Receipts for the month came from interest in the amount of $197.19.

Tim moved and Katie seconded the motion that the Links HOA charges a late fee of $35 on delinquent dues. If the dues continue to be unpaid then an additional charge of 1.25% would be levied for every month they remain unpaid. The motion carried

Jane Perkins noted that the Green Ways HOA has a Compliance Committee that go around and check the yards and houses in that HOA.  Since the Links does not have such a Committee; anyone having a complaint about homes/yards that are not in compliance with CC&Rs; should send a letter to the Board regarding the noncompliance for the Board’s consideration and resolution.


Jerry reported that the dying tree on the west side of the Links did not have working supply of water.  This has been corrected and now it will be a wait and see if the tree survives the original neglect.

Another matter, he brought up, was the use of the turn a rounds on the community roads as a place to park RVS.  It was noted that the owners of said vehicles can park them for at least 48 hours but the board did not seem to know if that applied only to the RVS owner’s driveway.  The CCR’s will be checked on this matter.

Legal Affairs and the Treasurer will continue to review the need for reserves for future needs.

Katie McLeod moved and Tim Perkins seconded that the matter of a pass word, to be used by all members to enter the Links Website be looked into.  Motion carried. Katie McLeod will get with Ron Perlman about the feasibility and the cost of adding a pass word.

Tim moved and Mike Clemens seconded that a file be set up to hold all of the approved motions starting with January of 2014.  The motion carried.  It will be the job of the Secretary to take care of this new project.

Tim said the cost of a D&O Insurance policy would be $144.00 per year and it would cover not only the Directors but other volunteers as well.  This will be brought up again at the time our current policy runs out in January 2015.

Tim moved that the money from our maturing CD be placed with Compass Bank for 18 months @ 1.25%. Katie seconded the motion and it passed. 

Gloria Combs adjourned the meeting.

Katie McLeod

Recording Secretary

March 18, 2014

The meeting was held at 9:00 AM in the Fiesta Room at Santa Rita Springs.

Members present at the meeting were Gloria Combs, Mike Clemens, Katie McLeod, Tim Perkins, Jerry Vigoren, Mike Malenfant, John Scarlott and one HOA member, Jane Perkins.

The President called the meeting to order.

Mike Malenfant moved and Jerry Vigoren seconded that the minutes of the February 11, 2014 meeting be approved. Motion carried.

The Treasurer, Tim Perkins, passed out a written report of the cash flow for the last period with a comparison of the amount spent versus the amount left in the budget. He answered all questions regarding the report.

He also reported a suggestion from our current insurance agent that we buy a separate D & O Insurance Policy from a different Agency.  The new policy would be liability coverage for the officers and volunteers. Tim will look into this and bring a report to the next meeting. 

Mike Malenfant offered to do a spreadsheet to record an estimate of how much money the HOA will need to take care of future needs of the Links such as the streets etc. and the amount that HOA needs to reserve for those future expenses.  Tim Perkins moved and Katie McLeod seconded that the Mike M. go ahead with this plan.  Motion carried. Mike M. and Tim agreed to do this study.

Mike Clemens reported that the East Gate of the Links is now in working order as well as the code to get in after 7:00 PM.  He had attended the Santa Rita HOA Meeting.  It concerned the lights on the Frontage Road.

Jerry Vigoren reported that the bare spot on the north end of Greenside Place has finally been graveled.  The holdup was the invasion of gophers on that site.   When the hired professionals efforts were very short lived; the regular crew successfully got rid of the gophers and sprayed the area on the ground with a weed killer.  After doing these two things; the men spread the gravel.

The Board Members discussed levying interest on delinquent dues.  Tim would check with Susan Anderson from the GVC to determine the percentage of interest the Links HOA should charge.

Katie McLeod moved and it was seconded John Scarlott that homeowners may use contrasting paint colors in specific areas of the exteriors of their homes subject to the approval of the ARC. The motion carried   

Mike Malenfant drew a side view of the side walk with the slope to illustrate the problems of vehicles parking on the slope.  The HOA is responsible for the side walk with its slope. Mike Malenfant will check with Susan Anderson about this matter.

HOA member Jane Perkins concurred that there was a parking problem visa vie vehicles on the sidewalk and its slope.

She asked if there was some way to avoid another instance when the west side Links entry way was jammed with parked cars and trucks.  (There was a 3 day estate sale going on at the time.)

Mike Malenfant moved and Katie McLeod seconded that a yield sign be placed at the corner of south end of South Fade Drive.  Motion carried with one abstaining and one apposed.  As chairman of facilities, it will be up to Mike Clemens to procure said sign and have it installed.

The President Gloria Combs read a note from Madeleine Glaser thanking the HOA for the flowers and the sympathy note upon the death of her husband.

Meeting was adjourned

Secretary Katherine McLeod

Katherine McLeod
Secretary Katherine McLeod

February 11, 2014

The 2/11/14 meeting of the Links HOA Board of Directors was held in the home of President Gloria Combs.

Members present included Gloria Combs, Mike Clemens, Tim Perkins, Katie McLeod,John Scarlott, Mike Malenfant, and Jerry Vigoren. 

President Gloria Combs called the meeting to order.

Katie McLeod moved the minutes of the January meeting be approved and it was seconded by Mike Malenfant.  Motion carried.

Mike Clemens will proceed to get the books, etc. from Norbert Bisek.

Tim gave the Monthly report of the Treasurer.  Two CDs matured in the past week.  He was going to look some more to see if he could get better rates at other financial institutions.  Included was a cash flow report to date.  Each member received a copy of this report.  The net total was $43,384.17.

Net cash assets equaled $197,302.55. There were 2 delinquent memberships.  Net dues due from split payments $2,404.00 plus current delinquent dues comes to a total of $3,294.00 dues receivable.

The need for a long term plan was discussed and also the possible need for non-monetary directors insurance was also brought up.  Mike Malenfant will look into these and come up with a recommendation at the next meeting.  

John brought up the problem with the way the last estate sale was handled.  It ended up with cars blocking the entry way of the west side of the Links.

Association has rules regarding the number of sales that can be held each but nothing regarding parking.

Jerry reported the contractor brings in 4 men every week to work on the common areas.  The cost per week is $175.00.

Tim brought the problem of privacy regarding information that is put on Ron Perlman's Website for the membership.  Mike Malenfant will come up with a recommendation for the next meeting.

It was moved by Katie McLeod and seconded by Tim  that the members for the  HOA Committees be accepted motion carried.

The Committees consist of the following:  ARCHITECTURAL, John Scarlott; ELECTIONS, Carol Blazick; COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Carmen Scarlott;

LANDSCAPE/GROUNDS, Jerry Vigoren; PHYSICAL PLANT, Mike Clemens; LEGAL AFFAIRS, Mike Malenfant; NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH, Carole Blazick & Carmen Scarlott; SOCIAL, Judy Miller & Carmen Scarlott; SUNSHINE, Pat Bishop; WEBSITE MANAGER, Ron Perlman; GATE DECORATIONS, Elton & Phyllis Zuehlke, Tim & Janie Perkins and John & Carmen Scarlott; and CVC REPS, Carmen Scarlott  & Mike Malenfant.

Tim suggested that he mail future Annual Reports to the members.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Katie McLeod

Recording Secretary



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