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2012 Minutes




North Abrego Recreation Cente


DIRECTORS PRESENT:  Gloria Combs, Ed Frantz, Carol Klapmeier, John Scarlott,  Hank Gleiden, & Norbert Bisek.

DIRECTORS ABSENT:  John Somerville,  Gerald Vigoren.

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by Vice President, Gloria Combs at 9:00 am.

MOTION:  The minutes of the November 13, 2012 were approved with the following correction:   Under Treasurer’s Report,  “It was decided to increase the amount in the Landscaping budget and the amount in the Streets and Properties budget,  and take an equal amount out of the Reserve Fund.”  MM/SC  (Motion Made, Seconded & Carried)

VICE PRESIDENT’S  REPORT:    Gloria Combs reported that the Boxes at each gate for the Fire Department access have been installed & are now locked & fully functioning.

Further she reported the service agreement with Waste Management is finalized.

She also announced that a regular January meeting  had not been scheduled  for purposes of final planning the  for the HOA Annual Meeting on January 19.   It was decided to have that meeting on January 15, 9:00 am at the home of Carol Klapmeier, 2725 Greenside Pl.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Carol Klapmeier suggested that we ask Waste Management to sent us flyer explaining what constitutes recyclables  & what restrictions there are on trash.  She also asked that we have a better schedule regarding holiday pickups.  It was decided that  Carol should call Waste Management with these requests.

The secretary asked for input on the mailing  of the ballot & related materials which will go out to the membership on January 2, 2013.

Due to attrition we will have 7 board members in 2013.  The Ballot will be to elect Gloria Combs and John Scarlott.  There will be space for write in votes.

TREASURER’S REPORT:   Ed Frantz passed out the cash flow statement for 11/30/12 & answered questions.  He reported that the dues notices are going out before December 20 and wanted to reassure the membership that the records are open to any who wish to see them at his home at any time.

ARC/COMPLIANCE:  John Scarlott had nothing to report this month.

SPECIAL PROJECTS:  Hank Glieden reported that he has some discussion with the golf course regarding the lot lines & who is responsible for the wash areas.   He consulted the County Assessor’s Office and confirmed that the golf course owns that property.  He will have further discussion with the golf course.

Hank has done yard inspections & found only 1 yard with buffelgrass.  He informed the owner who has taken care of the problem.

The membership should be admonished again that the buffelgrass should not be pulled.  This only exacerbates the problem.  It is best to control by spraying with herbicide.

Hank will establish procedures with the gardener to control buffelgrass & other qweeds more efficiently over the summer months. 

STREETS AND PROPERTIES:  Norbert Bisek is getting quotes for sealing our streets.  There are differing opinions as to how often this needs to be done.   It appears that it should be done soon.

OLD BUSINESS:  There was no old business to come before the Board.

NEW BUSINESS:  The question of a gift for our grounds keeper, Dave Morales, was discussed. 

MOTION:  To do as we did last year.  Give a $100.00 gift certificate at Torres Blancas., which will result in a certificate worth $125.00.   Hank will take care of it.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was duly adjourned at 9:50 am.

Respectfully Submitted,
Carol Klapmeier, Secretary


North Abrago Social Center, Green Valley, Arizona

November  13, 2012

(Unaapproved)  MINUTES

DIRECTORS PRESNT:  Tom Sparby, Ed Frantz, Carol Klapmeier,  Norbert Bisek,  Gerald Vigoren, Hank Glieden, John Scarlott.

DIRECTORS ABSENT:  Gloria Combs, Gordon Somerville.

CALL TO ORDER:  President Tom Sparby called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.

MOTION; The minutes of the October 16 meeting were approved with the  correction of certain typographical errors.  MMSC (Motion Made/Seconded & Carried.)

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Ed Frantz presented the Income & Disbursements report for October 31, 2012.   Income for the year to 10/31/12 was $42,650.65, expenditures were $26,599.48 and the total assets were $165,319.04. 

MOTION:  The Treasurer’s Report of Income & Disbursements was accepted.  MMSC

There followed a lengthy discussion of the proposed budget of $42,235.00 which was presented at the last Board Meeting.  It was decided to increase the amount in the landscaping budget decrease the amount for streets & properties.

The Board agreed there be no change to the amount of the annual dues of $445.00, and to continue the homeowners’ option to split the dues into two payments of $245.00 due January 15, 2013 and $200.00 due on June 15, 2013.

MOTION:  The budget and payment option were accepted. MMSC

Further, Ed Frantz explained the reserve funds & informed the Board that a CD in the amount of $13,000.00 is coming due and will be added to the Streets & Properties Reserve Fund.

ARC/COMPLIANCE:  John Scarlott reported on his efforts regarding the house at 2861 S. Greenside which is in foreclosure.  There is no move by the bank to keep the property up to the Links standards.  Therefore, we probably will have to at least look after the yard so that it does not become a blight on the HOA.

LANDSCAPING:  Gerald Vigoren reported that there is a problem near the corner of Fade & Wedge where the vines are hanging over the wall into the common area.  The Board reiterated that the HOA has the right to cut anything hanging over the property line.

SPECIAL PROJECTS:  Hank Glieden  reported that the buffelgrass is an ongoing problem.  The suggestion was made that the HOA appoint and educate a committee of homeowners who could make the rounds & inspect all the properties for signs of buffelgrass.  Prior to that we will send out a notice to all homeowners asking that they diligently inspect their own yards for this invasive species.

STREETS & PROPERTIES:  Norbert Bisek has fixed the light at the East Gate & has been reimbursed for the expenses incurred.

OLD BUSINESS:  President, Tom Sparby explained that is was necessary to move forward with the Fire Department’s request that we purchase the necessary equipment & have it installed at the gates so that the firefighters can, without delay, get into the association property in an emergency.

MOTION:  To accept the proposal & approve payment for the equipment & instillation.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was duly adjourned at 10:45 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Carol Klapmeier, Secretary


East Social Center, Green Valley, Arizona

October 16, 2012

(Unapproved)  MINUTES

DIRECTORS PRESENT:  Tom Sparby,  Ed Frantz,  Gloria Combs,  Gerald Vigoren,  Hank Glieden,  John Scarlott.

DIRECTORS ABSENT:  Carol Klapmeier, Norbert Bisek,  Gordon Somerville.

CALL TO ORDER: The meting was called to order at 9:00 A.M. by President, Tom Sparby.

MOTION:  The minutes of the May 17th 2012, Links HOA Board of  Directors Meeting were accepted as written.  MMSC (motion made/seconded/carried)

TREASURER‘S REPORT:  Ed Frantz  presented the income  & Disbursements report for the year through September 30, 2012 .  Income was $42,550.51; expenditures were $25,326.53; and The Links HOA has an Asset Balance of $166,491.85.

MOTION:  The Treasurer’s report was approved.  MMSC

Ed also provided the proposed budget for 2013 which will be discussed and approved/disapproved at the October meeting.

ARC/COMPLIANCE:  John Scarlott reported the neighbors of the vacant house that is owned by the bank at South end of Greenside have complained about the condition of the yard.  They are trying to sell their home but it does not show well with neighbor yard unkempt.  Laws have changed and there is no easy way to have yard cleaned and lien the house.  Hank Glieden volunteered to clean the front yard.

MOTION: To give Hank permission to pull the weeds.  MMSC

Suggestion to put cost of cleaning front yard in dues lien or send bank a bill for cleanup.  No action.

SPECIAL PROJECTS:  Hank Gleiden reported there is buffelgrass in wash.  It is time of year to spray.  He will talk to Dave who maintains the common area.  Hank will replace light at Links sign on West entrance.  People have reported that the light out and is needed.

LANDSCAPING:  Gerald Vigoren reported he had scheduled work by our common area grounds people at outside wall of home at 2679 S. Fade because people  who bought the house would not move in until it is finished.  He sent bill to seller.

VICE PRESIDENT REPORT:  Gloria Combs reported that Waste Management has not received a copy of service agreement from our HOA.  Gloria will email a copy to them today.

PRESIDENT’S REORT:  Tom Sparby will be absent from December meeting.  Tom suggested we ask Sunshine Committee to do something for Zuehlkes because of fire and burglary.

NEW BUSINESS:  The fire at 2860 S Greenside Pl. has brought to our attention the  need for a special box for firefighters so they are able to open gates from 7:P.M.  to  7: A.M. at both entrances.   The firefighters will have a key to box and box will have switch to open gates.  Tom Sparby is working with fire department to accomplish this task.

Meeting was duly adjourned at 10:07 A.M. 

  Respectfully Submitted,
Carol Klapmeier, Secretary

East Social Center, Green Valley, Arizona
May 17, 2012

DIRECTORS PRESENT:  Tom Sparby, Gloria Combs, Ed Frantz, John Scarlott, Hank Glieden,  Gerald Vigoren.

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by Tom Sparby, President.

MOTION:  The minutes of the April  19, 2012, Links HOA Board of Directors Meeting were accepted as written.  MMSC(Motion Made/Seconded/Carried)

MEMBER FORUM:   Sylvia Brandfon, a new Links HOA member, attended the meeting to talk at the Member Forum.   She had a previous experience with Saguaro Waste service and indicated service was good and thought price was better.    Board advised Sylvia we had reviewed different waste management services two years in a row and decided WM offered the best service for the price.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Ed Frantz provided an Income and Disbursement  sheet  for the year with the month ending April 30, 2012. 

ARC/COMPLIANCE:  John Scarlott discussed “white trailer” that is often parked in HOA member drive way.   It appears HOA by-laws are being observed.

LANDSCAPE:  Gerald Vigoren discussed ongoing concern with trees blocking views.   He reported that an Arizona Heritage Oak Tree will be planted in common area where tree suffered frost kill.

VICE-PRESIDENT’S REPORT:   Gloria Combs reported that she attended SRS HOA Director’s meeting on May 16, 2012.   The group needs a storage place for 2 boxes of records.    Tom Sparby agreed to store the two boxes in the Links storage space.   Discussion of sign on Frontage road for information about area.

Gloria received a three year service agreement from WM.   President Tom Sparby signed agreement.   The agreement will be given to Julie Fanning the WM contact.

PHYSICAL PLANT:  Tom Sparby reported for Norbert Bisek who was not present.   Norbert attended a presentation by FICO about FICO’s fifty year plan for the pecan orchard owned by FICO in Sahaurita and Green Valley.  EPA, county engineers, Corps of Engineers attended this presentation.  Norbert approached county engineer about Link’s erosion problem on 8th hole.   The county engineer told Norbert to keep in contact and provide current information about our problem.

Old Business:  Hank Glieden reported that Dave will paint new structure on West gate on Saturday.   He will be done with project at West gate.   Dave will continue to try to eradicate any buffelgrass on Link’s common areas.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:35.

 Respectfully Submitted,
Carol Klapmeier, Secretary


North Abrego Social Center Lounge, Green Valley, AZ

April 19, 2012 Minutes

DIRECTORS PRESENT: Tom Sparby, Gloria Combs, Ed Frantz, Carol Klapmeier, Norbert Bisek, Hank Glieden, John Scarlott,    Gerald Vigoren.

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Pressident Tom Sparby at 9:00 am.

MOTION:  The minutes of the March 15, 2012, Links HOA Board of Directors Meeting were accepted as written. MMSC (Motion Made/ seconded/carried).

PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Tom Sparby reported that he had received a letter from a home owner’s maintenance company offering their services. After some discussion it was agreed that there was no need to respond to the letter.

VICE PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gloria Combs reported that she had done some research on waste removal services. There followed a discussion about quality of service, and prices.

MOTION: A motion was made to continue to Waste Management for our waste removal service. MMSC


It was suggested that John Scarlott ask Carmen Scarlott to send out a simple note to all home owners to announce this decision.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Carol Klapmeier reported that the necessary GVR form has been submitted requesting dates & locations for the Links Board meetings & the Potato

Bake for 2013. Further, GVR has approved changing our meetings to the 3rd Tuesday of the month rather than Thursday. There will be a $10.00 charge to make this change for the rest of 1012.

It was decided that since it will be unlikely that we will have a quorum for the September meeting, it should be cancelled

TREASURER'S REPORT: Ed Frantz passed out the 3/31/12 report of Income & Disbursements. The landscaping bills have all been paid. The bills for the pavement improvements have not yet come in. There followed a discussion & Ed answered questions regarding the report.

MOTION: A motion was made to accept the treasurer's report. MMSC

LANDSCAPING REPORT: Gerry Vigoren passed out a letter from a homeowner regarding a tree obstructing their view of the mountain. The tree is scheduled to be trimmed.

SPECIAL PROJETS REPORT: Hank Glieden discussed the ongoing buffle grass containment efforts. He also informed the Board of the holes which Farmer's Water had to dig in order to locate some in ground valves. They will be marked with sleeves extending above ground so that when necessary they can be easily found in the future.

ARCHITECTURAL COMPLIANCE: John Scarlott reported on the problem regarding the allowed paint for homes in the Links. After some discussion it was recognized that we had made a mistake in giving a home owner approval to use a trim color on a whole wall. It was decided that we will live with this error but hereafter we will not deviate from the architectural guidelines stated in the by laws.

NEW BUSINESS: The question of individual satellite dishes was discussed. This being a normal part of modem life, it was decided to consider the issue best handled on a "good neighbor" policy.

NEW BUSINESS: It was pointed out that there is a neighbor facing personal difficulties whose yard seems to be neglected. Again, this can be handled through the "good neighbor" policy.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was duly adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Carol Klapmeier, Secretary


        North Abrego Social Center Loungs,  Green Valley, AZ

                   March 15, 2012

DIRECORS PRESENT:  Ed Frantz, Gloria Combs, Gordon Somerville, Gerald Vigoren, Hank Glieden,  Norbert Bisek,  John Scarlott, Tom Sparby.

DIRECORS ABSENT: Carol Klaapmeier

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 9:10 by Ed Franz, Treasurer.  The President, Tom Sparby, arrived at meeting at 9:30 and continued the meeting.

MOTION:  The minutes of the February 16, 2012, Links HOA Board of Directors Meeting were accepted as written. MMSC (Motion Made/ seconded/carried).

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Ed Frantz provided in come for the year through February 29, 2012 was $38,441.92.  Expenditures for that period were $7,994.76.  The Links HOA has an Asset Balance of $179,715.03.

MOTION:  The treasurer’s report was approved. MMSC

LEGAL AFAIRS:  Gordon Somerville reported HOA member wants to know if he can use another garbage company service.  He only wants garbage service one day a week.  All HOA members must use same garbage service.

SPECIAL PROJECTS:  Hank Glieden reported there will be an upgrade for some plants that are planted in newly upgraded section of West entrance.  West entrance “Links” will be painted soon.  East entrance has been painted. 

PHYSICAL PLANT:  Norbert Bisek reported that Sunland Asphalt submitted a proposal to repair 3 areas of Greenside PL for a total of $2,264.00, area of 553 sq.ft.

MOTION: The repair was approved.  MMSC

Norbert Bisek attended a meeting with Walden from FICO> Walden explained Corps of Engineers is working with FICO to control river flow and is ongoing project.

ARC/COMPLIANCE:  John Scarlott reported a HOA member requested permission to paint house and trim.  The colors were approved for house and trim.  The HOA member used color approved for trim to paint one wall of the house.  Approved house and trim colors are different.  John will talk to HOA member because the paint used to paint one wall of house is not an approved color.

OLD BUSINESS:  All trees in HOA common areas should be trimmed.

NEW BUSINESS: Secretary to investigate if we could change meeting to 3rd Tuesday of month and still use same meeting place.

Submitted by Gloria Combs,
Secretary pro-tem.


North Abrego Social Center Loungs,  Green Valley, AZ

February 16,  2012

The board meeting was called to order by Vice President Gloria Combs at 9:00 A.M.


Directors present:  Gloria Combs, Ed Frantz, Carol Klapmeier, Norbert Bisek, Hank Glieden,
                                       John Scarlott, Gordon Sommerville.

Directors absent:  Tom Sparby.

Visitors attending:  Gerald Vigoren.


Motion: To approve the minutes of the organizational meeting held immediately after the HOA Annual meeting January 25, 2012.   M/S/C (Motion/Seconded/Carried)         


Member Form:  Ed Frantz introduced Gerald Vigoren & moved that he be appointed the 9th member of the Board.  M/S/C


Treasurer’s Report:   Treasurer, Ed Frantz explained the lay out of the report.  There followed a short discussion of income & expenses.  

   All dues are paid except for 1 home which is in foreclosure.  It will be paid at time of sale.  Treasurer’s Report was approved. M/S/C


Secretary's Report: Carol Klapmeier read a thank you note from Carol Sand for the flowers & note sent by the Sunshine Committee.  

  There followed a discussion about how the Sunshine Committee & the Web Site are funded.   

  Carol Klapmeier asked several questions  regarding the secretary’s duties.


Legal Affairs:  Gordon Somerville had nothing to report.


Physical Plant:  Norbert Bisek reported that he is waiting for bids regarding street repair which will not be done until at least May but before the monsoons.


ARC/Compliance:  John Scarlott had nothing to report on ARC Compliance.


Landscaping:  Hank Glieden reported on work at the West Gate area.  Dave Morales has done an excellent job & is under budget.  Bills were presented & reviewed by the directors.


Motion:  Hank Glieden moved that Gerald Vigoren be appointed  Landscape Coordinator  &  Hank Glieden appointed Special Projects coordinator concentrating on the Buffle Grass problem.    M/S/C


There being no new business to come before the board, the meeting was duly adjourned at 10:10 A.M.


Respectfully Submitted,
Carol Klapmeier, Secretary

North Abrego Social Center, Green Valley, Arizona
January 19, 2012

DIRECTORS PRESENT: Harry Cook, Ed Frantz, Hank Glieden, Tom Sparby, Norbert Bisek, Gloria Combs, John Scarlott and Pat Vincent

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by Harry Cook, President.

MOTION: The Minutes of the December 15,2011, Links HOA Board of Directors Meeting was accepted as written. MMSC (Motion Made/Seconded/Carried)

MEMBER FORUM: No Members were present.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Ed Frantz gave a thorough report on the annual totals and will have the information available to members at the Annual Meeting. The Links has ended the year with a balance of $149,267.87 in assets. The Income year-to-date is $43,498.60. Expenditures year-to- date were $30,770.98. Ed passed around the 2011Compilation Record which gives an accounting of Income and Expenses for 2011. We have a Compilation for each year dating back to 2003. We are
meeting our financial goals by hav
ing $106,000 in our Non-Designated Reserve Account and currently have $36,881.94 in our Streets and Property Reserve Account.

He provided Income and Disbursement sheets for the month ending December 31, 2011.

Income for December was $103.11 and Disbursements for the month were $4,164.46.

MOTION: The Treasurer's Report was approved. MMSC

PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Harry Cook thanked Norbert 'Bisek for his volunteer recruitment efforts and briefly discussed the Annual Meeting that will be held next Wednesday, January 25th in the Anza Room at the Springs. The procedure for the Organizational Meeting was discussed. Hank Glieden and Gloria Combs will remain on the Board of Directors for one more year. Norbert Bisek, Ed Frantz and Tom Sparby have volunteered to continue serving a second two year term.

-VICE-PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Gloria Combs had nothing new to report.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Pat Vincent asked each member to have a written outline of their Annual Meeting Reports if possible for the new secretary. Mor~ than the required 51 % of the ballots have been returned and Ed has delivered them to Carole Blazick. A replacement for Dorothy Hurd, our Green Valley Council (GVC) representative is needed. The GVC meets at the same time and day as the links Board which is the third Thursday of each month at 9 AM.

LEGAL AFFAIRS: Tom Sparby discussed the ballots and the term limits for our directors.

He and Norbert Bisek recently visited the Links storage unit and determined a larger space was needed. Several members assisted in moving the miscellaneous supplies, Holiday decorations and HOA records from our 5'x5' space to a larger unit which uses the same key and combination padlock.

MOTION: A motion was made to approve the rental of a 5'x7' storage space, located at
Building E, locker C at the storage facility on White House Canyon Road will for an additional
5 per month. MMSC

PHYSICAL PLANT: Norbert Bisek reported the gate servicing company, All Tec, has made the needed repairs to the gates. He will contact that company about the need to clean the grease off the hinges when they do the routine maintenance. The electrical receptacles he installed at the gates are ready for next year's holiday lights.

A $1,700 bid has been received from one company and another bid is pending on the street repairs needed for a low area on the north end of Greenside Place.

LANDSCAPE: Hank Glieden reported a tree lost to frost damage near the west gate will be replaced with a heartier variety. Dave Morales has suggested usinq either a royal cork oak, pastiche to Texas Laurel. An ocotillo has been replaced in the west commons area and a clean up in the wash next top the golf course has nearly been completed.

IARC/COMPLIANCE: John Scarlott reported two home owners have submitted requests for exterior


1. A Torres Blancas gift card was purchased for Dave Morales. Dave very much appreciated the compliment from our members for a job well done and treated his crew to lunch.

2. Hank Glieden reported on the Gate Beautification Project and "wish list" from some of our members.

a. The bids have been received from the painting contractors. The gate colors will remain the same and the damage from last winter's freeze will be repaired by the contractor at a cost of $744.

b. The cost of adding "East" and "West" to the existing Links entrance siqns is prohibitive at $100 per letter and there is not enough room to add to the words. A fresh coat of gold paint will be added to the existing lettering. A suggestion was to explore the idea of adding street signs at the entrances as the Greens HOA has done.

c. The safety concern has been addressed by cutting the privet bushes at the west gate so they no longer block the view of oncoming traffic.

d. The walls will not be repainted at this time. This suggestion will be addressed at a later time. Norbert may touch up the paint near the ground when weather is warmer. Discoloration in that area is inevitable.

e. Dave Morales has submitted his written bid, the landscaping plan and photos of the plantings. The plans include using mounds, cacti, and a rock veneer around the utility boxes. He also suggested replacing/replanting Rosemary bushes at the east gate. Dave can begin the landscaping upgrades as soon as the Board approves his proposal.

MOTION: Express Painting will be hired to repair and repaint the gates and railings when the
weather permits. MMSC

MOTION: A motion was made to approve and accept Dave Morales upgrades and landscaping
proposals which will be within the Links Landscaping Budget. MMSC


The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Patricia Vincent, Secretary


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