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2006 Minutes


Nov 16, 2006

Directors Present: John Alley, Fred Bader, Harry Cook, Marc Dallanegra, John Fanning, Ed Frantz, Juan Lichter,  Ron Perlman, Manny Ventura.
Directors Absent:  None
Visitors: Gerald Vigoren, Tom Myers

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by John Fanning, President.

MOTION:  Moved that we approve the Minutes of the October 19, 2006 meeting.  M/S/C (Motion/Seconded/Carried)

Treasurer’s Report – Ed Frantz, John Alley

 Copies of the following were provided:

  1. Links HOA Income & Disbursements reports for the 4th quarter

  2. Links HOA Proposed 2007 Budget

Ed reported that October spending was the lowest in 4 years primarily because we have not as yet received an invoice from our landscaper.  We have $8,424 left in Total Income/Disbursements for the rest of the year and should be close to budget by the end of the year.

MOTION:  Moved that we accept the Links HOA Income & Disbursements reports for the 4th quarter (M/S/C)

The Links HOA Proposed 2007 Budget had the following changes: $1500 added to Construction and Maintenance because of costs related to repairing sidewalks, and painting railings in the common areas.  Community Relations was changed to Community Relations – Web Site and was budgeted for $300.  The Streets & Properties Reserve Fund was increased $3000 to cover the eventual cost of repaving our streets.

MOTION:  Moved that the proposed budget for 2007 be approved. (M/S/C)

Ed suggested, and the board agreed to continue allowing homeowners the option of paying dues either as a one time payment of $445 due Jan 15, 2007, or in two payments of $245 due on Jan 15, 2007 and $200 due on June 15, 2007.

President’s Comments – John Fanning

John Alley, Marc Dallanegra, and Ron Perlman will remain on the 2007 board.

MOTION:  Moved that we accept the nomination of Fred Bader, Tom Myers, and Gerald Vigoren as nominees for the election to the 2007 Board of Directors. (M/S/C)

John Fanning commented on the lack of volunteerism in HOAs, and this trend is analogues to a silent vote for hiring a management company.  Hiring a management company would significantly increase the cost to homeowners without the benefit of additional services.  In addition he mentioned that there are some local HOAs that have had to fire their management company. Having a management company does not negate the need for a board.  John shared information he received from the management company Arizona Homeowner’s Experts, LLC.

John suggested we cancel the December board meeting in order to prepare for the annual meeting on January 25th.  Ballots, Homeowner Guidelines, Member Directory, Annual Financial Report, budget, and By-laws need to be printed and prepared for distribution.  The agenda and ballots along with instructions on voting for new board members will be mailed out by January 2nd

Secretary’s Report – Ron Perlman

Ron reported that two ticket notices were issued via certified mail to one homeowner.  It was noted that immediately after notification the homeowner rectified the infraction. 

John Fanning added that this was the first month the Newslinks was placed on our web site and the HOA had to print only 12 copies for homeowners who did not have a computer or access to the internet.

Legal Affairs – Juan Lichter

Board members have copies of the Homeowner Guidelines originally put together by Juan.  The board approved the Guidelines pending review by two board members and a homeowner, Denny Arvanites.  Ron will incorporate changes and print out copies for final review by John Fanning, Ed Frantz, and Juan Lichter.

Physical Plant – John Alley, Fred Bader

Copies of the completed Physical Facility Survey were handed out.

John Alley reported the gates are again causing problems on the east side. The Altech technician will be out Monday to assess the problem and do repairs as soon as possible. Altech was a recent spin off of a much larger company and are now apparently operating with only 3 people. Fred Bader commented that the problems we are experiencing are typical with companies that are using obsolete software and felt the electronics in the gate will eventually become non-maintainable.  About two years ago Marc Dallanegra looked into different gate companies and will turn over the information he has to John.  

John is waiting to get bids from a contractor who walked our community and looked at all the cracks. It will probably be expensive to fix all the cracks because they have to be sawed out and filled in.  Fred said that he will test patch the crack in the sidewalk in front of his house. John is also waiting for bids in an attempt to provide individual homeowners a group rate for painting of their railings. If successful, the cost will be the paid by the homeowner.  Fred reported that Norbert Bisek volunteered to paint the 6 common area railing. Cost of paint will be billed to the HOA. Fred was advised to move forward on the project with Mr. Bisek.

John Alley sent an email to the owner of The Torres Blancas golf Course in reference to the erosion along the 8th fairway. John was contacted and told they are having a study done and will know what they are going to do by the end of the year.  John was promised a call back with an update.

Landscape: - Manny Ventura

Manny reported the replacement tree by the stationary gate was planted and that gravel was distributed where needed.  Manny will look into having the landscaper spruce up the flower boxes in the front of the Links entrances.  It was brought up at the meeting that David Morales had agreed to take care of this on a yearly basis as a courtesy to the HOA.   

There are only 3 drain holes on Fade that have erosion.  There is some erosion on one house on the east side of Abrego due to the breakdown of concrete in the drain hole. Harry Cook will contact the owner of the house on Greenside to make the necessary repairs.

ARC/Compliance: - Harry Cook

New Projects: The Lewis and Cook houses will be adding aluminum patio covers in the back yard.  Zuehlke’s extension of the garage should be completed in three weeks.  Wolcott is putting rolling shutters on the west window.  The Williams fence is completed as well as the Perlman’s wall.  

Harry said that he will help his replacement transition into the new role.  

Communication: - Marc Dallanegra

Marc had nothing new to report.

Member Forum:

Old Business: 

New Business:  It was decided to continue our membership in the GVCCC.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m. 

Submitted by Ron Perlman, Secretary.


Oct 19, 2006

Directors Present: John Alley, Fred Bader, Harry Cook, Marc Dallanegra, John Fanning, Ed Frantz, and Ron Perlman, Manny Ventura.
Directors Absent: Juan Lichter

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by John Fanning, President.

MOTION:  Moved that we approve the Minutes of the September 21, 2006 meeting.  M/S/C (Motion/Seconded/Carried)

Treasurer’s Report – Ed Frantz, John Alley

Copies of the following were provided:

  1. Links HOA Income & Disbursements reports for the 3rd quarters
  2. Links HOA Proposed 2007 Budget
  3. Letter and attached document from the Goldschmit law firm providing notice of new fee structure for Pima County Justice Courts.

Ed reported that we have $74,631 left with three more months of bills to pay.  This amount includes the reserves set aside for future projects. We are over budgeted on legal affairs because we expected half of the attorney’s bills to come in last year and half this year.  Since we weren’t billed until all the work was done on the CC&R’s and By-Laws we wound up spending $3900 instead of the budgeted $2000. Community Relations was over budgeted due to one time set up fees for the web site and Miscellaneous was over budget because of changes in storage rental fees which were change from an annual payment to a monthly schedule.  Also, the storage rental fees almost doubled this past year.  Interest income fluctuates and doesn’t get recorded until after CD’s mature.  Most of our income taxes are paid on this income as well as from the common properties.  The HOA gets six separate tax bills for each of the common properties that we own. Ed submits three checks with two properties listed on each check.  The real estate bills are based on water usage and there is a minimum charge of $5.25 for each property.  We get four bills with the minimum charge.  The other two bills fluctuate and are for the properties that have drip systems on them.  Total real estate taxes amount to approximately $56. John Fanning mentioned that we can save some money and eliminate the need to issue multiple checks by going to the tax office and combining our properties. 

MOTION:  Moved that we accept the financial reports as presented.  M/S/C

Proposed budget was reviewed. John Alley suggested $1500 to be included for patching curbs, paint for walkway railings and touchup of electrical boxes, and common railings.  This was just an estimate from John and based on volunteers doing the work. Fred Bader will get quotes for the projects. John Alley also presented a proposed reserve budget for resealing and repaving the streets. It was suggested that we budget $5,000 per year for resealing. Repaving at today’s costs run about $100,000; at a 5% inflation rate in 12 years the cost will be $200,000.  Based on projections we may want to consider putting approximately $10,000 per year into a common reserve fund called Streets, Curbs, and Walkway Reserves.  It was suggested that we increase the proposed landscaping budget by $1,000 to $11,000.  The only new item on the proposed budget is the $440 for storage rental. Any comment or additions to the new budget should be sent to Ed.  The proposed budget should be approved at the November board meeting.

HOA dues have not been raised since the beginning of the HOA and it was decided to continue to build the reserves so we won’t need to take out a loan or assess homeowners for future work such as repaving our streets.  Ed frantz recommended that we keep the dues the same.

MOTION:  Moved that we maintain dues at the current rate of $445 per lot.  M/S/C (Motion/Seconded/Carried)

President’s Comments – John Fanning

Make up of 2007 board. Juan Licther, Many Ventura, and Harry Cook will not be on the 2007 board.  Ron Perlman, Marc Dallanegra, John Alley will remain on the board.  Fred Bader is running for a two year term.  John Fanning spoke to Tom Meyers who will be at the November meeting and wants to run for a two year term.  Harry Cook will contact Tom Meyers, confirm his interest in becoming the ARC coordinator and if interested begin the transition process. A sign will be posted in the communication cabinets for the need to have volunteers to be on the board.

Size of 2007 will be deferred till next months meeting.  If we decide to change the size of the board to 7 members the quorum will be 4 as opposed the current board size of 9 members where the quorum is 5.

Secretary’s Report – Ron Perlman

Ron reported that no ticket items were issued and some minor web site changes were made to keep the information current and up to date. Any one wanting to add information should contact Ron. Later this month he will meet with Lucinda Walter for a brief lesson on the software used to create the web site. A homeowner was concerned that we designated part timers on the on line directory.  He felt that this left the part timers more vulnerable. As a result the column with the P/T designating part time was removed.

Legal Affairs – Juan Lichter

John Fanning reported in Juan’s absence that he and Denny Arvanties had sent in recommended changes to the Homeowners Guidelines.  If this is not ready for the next meeting John will meet with Ed to complete it in order to have it ready for the annual meeting.

Physical Plant – John Alley, Fred Bader

John Alley will have a final version of the Physical Facility Survey at the next meeting.  The replacement board for the east gate was defective.  A second replacement board was sent via Federal Express and the gate is now operational.  John checked the directory of both the east side and west side gates.  There were only three changes that need to be made all of which are on the east side.  Premier Homes, builder of the two new homes by the east gate did not supply homeowners with gate openers.  The remote openers have to be bought from Alltech at a cost of $25 each.  Bushes have been cut back by the south side of the east gate in order to provide more light on the marquis.  John handed out a draft letter to the Army Corps of Engineers about the erosion of the 8th fairway of the Torres Blancas Golf Course.  Board members are to provide feedback and make recommendations as to possible changes. Pictures of the erosion were provided. Some of the railings along the golf course on Greenside and Wedge Way are in need of painting. John will explore the possibility of getting an outside contractor who might be able to provide individual homeowners a group rate for railings as well as gates.

Landscape: - Manny Ventura

Manny reported that the tree replacement by the stationary gate will cost between $250 and $300.  Gravel need to spruce up the common areas will cost $60 a ton and we will need about six tons.  Homeowners are supposed to have only two drain holes in the back yard adjacent to the common areas.  Some homeowners have as many as four thus contributing to erosion problems. It was decided to provide the homeowners the option of closing the extra drain holes or keep them open.  If they choose to keep the extra drain holes open the HOA will add rock to prevent erosion and bill the homeowner for the cost.  Harry Cook volunteered to identify houses with this problem on Greenside and Manny will follow up on the houses that back up to the common areas on Fade and Abrego on the west side.

ARC/Compliance: - Harry Cook

New Projects: Williams extended the fence on the side of their house. Zuehlke’s extension of their garage is a work in progress.  Steve Lewis put in a request to add an aluminum patio cover. The project was approved but is currently on hold.  Ron Perlman had a front wall put in that just needs to be painted.  There is currently only one for sale sign not in compliance with HOA Guidelines.  Since the homeowner did ask for the sign requirements and at the time Harry did have a copy of the guidelines it was decided to let it go for now.  Harry subsequently provided the homeowner with the sign guidelines. If the house is taken off the market they would have to be in compliance with the sign regulations next time it goes on the market.

Communication: - Marc Dallanegra

Marc reported that we have three homeowners since the beginning of the year and has been only able to contact one of the new homeowners.   The Cover for the new homeowner’s binder will get done as soon as Grace can get to the project.

Member Forum:

Old Business:  Alltech was contacted and would not allow us to tap into the motor on the north east gate in order to provide electricity for the north entrance.   The alternative of running a line under the street is not acceptable. 

New Business

The meeting was adjourned at 10:31 a.m. 

Submitted by Ron Perlman, Secretary


Sept 21, 2006

Directors Present: John Alley, Fred Bader, Marc Dallanegra, John Fanning, Ed Frantz, and Ron Perlman.
Directors Absent: Harry Cook, Juan Lichter, and Manny Ventura
Visitors: Stephen Lewis and Bruce Magnuson.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by John Fanning, President.

MOTION:  Moved that we approve the Minutes of the March 18, 2006 meeting.  M/S/C (Motion/Seconded/Carried)

Treasurer’s Report – Ed Frantz

 Copies of the following were provided:

  1. Links HOA Income & Disbursements reports for the 2nd & 3rd quarters

  2. List of new homeowners who have moved into the Links since Jan 01, 2006.

  3. 2006 Legislative Update provided by the Goldschmit law firm.

Ed reported that we usually have a yearly surplus of $7000 - $8000. This year it is expected that we will break even.  We have spent over $30,000 (this included normal operating expenses) most of which was for the resurfacing of the roads ($10,831) and for legal affairs ($3623). Normally we pay apx $800 per month for Landscaping. Since we haven’t received any bills from Dave Morales for about 5 months Ed called to keep the account current.  That is why we spent $2500 in July and $1740 in August The $1740 includes monies that would have been due in September.   We have 4 CD’s of which one is long term.  This insures that we have a minimum balance in BOA so as not to incur bank charges.  Other CD’s are in Washington Federal because they have a higher rate of interest. Of our total assets of $75,662 $60,000 is currently in CD’s.

MOTION:  Moved that we accept the financial reports as presented.  M/S/C

President’s Comments – John Fanning

Treasurer transition: After serving consecutive two year terms Ed Frantz is required (as per the By-Laws) to sit out a year before running for a position on the board.  At the February organizational meeting it was determined that John Alley will be the new treasurer starting in January of 2007.  John Fanning suggested that Ed and John Alley begin the process of working together between now and the end of the year in order to insure a smooth transition. 

Budget for 2007: Board member should provide Ed with projected expenditures for their respective areas.  Next month Ed will show what was spent through the first 9 months and have a potential budget for 2007 that will be adjusted in November and voted on in December. Ed Frantz took the brochure on the course.

Community Associations Institute (CAI): is an organization that provides education and resources to volunteer homeowners is providing a course on “Demystifying Reserve Studies.”  John asked if anyone was interested in taking the course.

Make-up of 2007 board of Directors:  Manny Ventura after serving two years will not be part of the 2007 Board.   Ed Frantz as per the By Laws will not be part of next years board.  Juan Lichter, who was not able to come to this meeting due to illness may not run for a position on the board.  Harry Cook, is also questionable.  The following said they would be willing to remain on the board next year: Ron Perlman, John Alley, Marc Dallanegra. Fred Bader who came on as a replacement for Hal Crawford indicated that he will run for election for a two year period.  John Fanning said that he will retire and not be on the 2007 board.

John Fanning asked that the board consider the possibility of changing the size of the 2007 board of directors.  Traditionally we have had nine members. Our By Laws prevent us from having more than nine and as few as decided by the board.   John mentioned we may want to reduce the board size down to seven and mentioned that some boards have done that after the formative years of getting the CC&R’s, By Laws, Guidelines, and other governing documents together.  The board will discuss this at the next meeting.

Nominating Committee: All board members will be part of this committee.  A good source for prospective board members can be obtained from the list of new homeowners provided by Ed Frantz.  John Fanning will contact Tom Meyer and Ed Frantz will contact Gerald Vigoren to confirm their interest in becoming board members.  A list of candidates should be ready for the next board meeting.

Political Signs:  This summer there were several emails about political signs in the Links. An informal decision was made to abide by Arizona statutes, which states the following:

1.  Political signs may be displayed no earlier than forty-five days before an election and must be removed no later than seven days after the election (Regular or primary elections).

2.  The maximum dimensions for political signs is twenty-four inches by twenty-four inches.

MOTION:  Moved that we comply with the Arizona statutes regarding political signs.  M/S/C

Our Annual Meeting will be on Jan 25, 2007 at 9:00am in the Fiesta Room at the Santa Rita Springs Center.

The 2006 Legislative Update provided by the Goldschmit law firm should be attached to our master copy of the CC&Rs (All legislative updates should be attached to the CC&Rs to maintain an ongoing record). We can abide by any of the legislative updates without going to the membership for a vote since the updates determines what we can do as an HOA.

Homeowner Management Experts LLC had contacted John Fanning about the possibility of providing their services to the Links.  The board decided that as long as we can get volunteers to serve on our board we should avoid looking at management companies.  A few years ago this option was explored and at that time the cost was in the vicinity of $50,000.  This would have meant a substantial increase to our HOA dues.

Secretary’s Report – Ron Perlman

Ron completed the task of making up ticket notices and provided copies of 4 examples for the board.  The issuance of ticket notices is a non confrontational way of notifying homeowners that they are violation of the CC&Rs.  It is assumed that most homeowners would rectify any violations once notified. Ron went through the user restrictions in section 9 of the CC&Rs and broke them into separate pieces winding up with approximately 25 individual ticket notice items.  If any board members sees any infraction he or she can notify Ron who will mail out the notice or notices to the homeowner or homeowners. A list will be maintained of all Ticket Items sent out.

The Links web site is live at This is a continuous work in progress.  The site was developed by Lucinda Walters of the Springs.  Ron has been preparing documents and provides information for inclusion in the web site.  He has obtained a copy of the software used in creating the site and plans on eventually being able to do the updates and changes as needed.  Any ideas for items to be included in the web site should be sent to Ron. Since most of out homeowners have access to a computer the next Newslinks will be on line.  We will only have to print copies for those homeowners that do not have computer.

Legal Affairs – Juan Lichter

John Fanning reported that he, Juan Lichter, and  Ed Frantz are working on a revision of the homeowners guidelines and Rules Enforcement.  This document takes the most common situations that have occurred in our HOA in the last six years, thus eliminating the need to read through the 40 plus pages of the CC&Rs to address certain issues. A copy to proof read will also be provided to Denny Arvanites who was part of the group that created the original document.  A copy was provided to Ron who will make any changes and provide copies for the October board meeting. Fred Bader also volunteered to review the document.

The By Laws and ballot will be handed out at the end of the annual meeting. Any members who did not get their copy will have it had delivered by the board members. Any homeowners that cannot be contacted will have the copy of the By Laws and a ballot mailed via certified mail.  The By Laws need to be approved by 51% of the 94 homeowners.

Physical Plant – John Alley

John Alley completed a revised Physical Facilities Survey.  John also made a recommended check list of items that should be checked annually.  John and Fred Bader found some items that needed to be looked at that deal with the curbs, streetlights, railings, and the gates.  Fred Bader will be taking over “Physical Plant” and will follow up on the Physical Plant Survey. John Alley will remain on the committee to provide assistance.

John was able to identify nine street lights on Abrego. Of these only three were working.  Normally, it would cost the HOA approximately $17 per month for each light.  Our HOA is not currently being billed for these lights. There were complaints about the lights shinning into homeowners windows. These lights are set so far back from the street they have minimal effect on the road. Therefore, John and Fred recommend that we do not fix the lights.

MOTION:  Moved that we let the remaining lights on the exterior (along Abrego) burn out and take no further action   M/S/C

The circuit board on the east gate is out (remote works but not the manual entry). John has been opening the gate in the morning and closing it in the evening.  This does limit access for visitors during the evening. The gate should be fixed in about a week.

John noticed that the bushes by the signs are blocking the links signs on both sides of Abrego.  This is more severe on the west side.  This item will be refereed to Manny Ventura to have the Landscaper either trim the bushes or move the lights.

Initially there was a cave in the along the 8th fairway on the river side.  A few weeks later john heard a noise and noticed that the water comes west and surges making a right turn just where the erosion started.   John will draft a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers.  It was also suggested a copy be sent to GVCCC.

Landscape: - Manny Ventura

Judy Miller reported there are weeds along the edge of the ditch on Chipshot.  In addition to weeds there are lots of areas where the gravel has eroded and plastic is showing.  Judy will remind Manny look into this for the next meeting and to also have him provide Ed with any budgetary information.  Manny should also look into weeds growing by mail boxes and report on the drain holes to common areas.

ARC/Compliance: - Harry Cook

Report deferred to next meeting.

Communication: - Marc Dallanegra

Marc handed out binders that contain the documentation that is sent to all new homeowners.   He also visits new homeowners to go over the included documents and answer any questions.

Member Forum:

Steve Lewis requested a light with a sensor placed by the north wall on the east side of Abrego.  Ron Perlman will follow up and call the electrician.

Bruce Magnuson brought up the idea of placing signs in the common areas to remind dog owners to pick up after their dogs.  Bruce also talked about GVRs request for in-put from members about options to complete the 3,200 sq. ft. space at SRS.  In the past few years the camera club has grown from 220 members to approximately 700 and has outgrown the 700 sq. ft. it currently occupies at the East Center. The next meeting for in-put is in the Fiesta Room at SRS on October 4th.

Old Business:   

New Business:  Replacement of lost tree on Abrego by the west gate

The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m. 

Submitted by Ron Perlman, Secretary.


May 18, 2006

Directors Present: John Fanning, Manny Ventura, John Alley, Harry Cook, Ed Frantz, Marc Dallanegra and Juan Lichter.

Directors Absent: Ron Perlman and Fred Bader.

1.         The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m. by John Fanning, its President.

2.         It was moved and seconded to accept the Minutes of the April 20, 2006 meeting.  Motion was passed.

3.         Treasurer's Report:  Treasurer, Ed Frantz, reported that $10,831 was paid out of the street reserves account for the recent paving.  We will now start building up our reserve again.  This months landscaping bill was excessive as it covered two months instead of the normal one.  The bill from the attorney was received and will be paid in May ($3,623).  The bill included legal fees and expenses for the revision of the By-Laws and CC&R's.  The second installment of the HOA dues are due June 15, 2006.  The new "gate" homes, Lots 30 and 31, are now sold and occupied.  The VanWycks have sold their home to an Ohio couple.  It was moved and seconded to accept the Treasurer's Report.  Motion passed.  It was noted that everything relating to the gates (directory and phones) will be transfered from Ed Frantz to John Alley and that the responsibility for new homeowners will be transferred to Marc Dallanegra.

4.         President's Report:  (a)  HOA Handbook:  Each new Links owner receives a package of  Links documents which are forwarded to them by the title company which costs about $25 to put together.  The homeowner is charged $70.  When the documents are received by the homeowner at that time they are probably not as carefully scrutinized.  A discussion was held on whether to create a new set of documents, place them in a 3-ring binder (approximate cost is $4 for each binder) and present them to the homeowner when they actually move in by Marc Dallanegra when he welcomes them to the HOA.  It was moved and seconded to proceed with the HOA Handbook idea.  Motion was carried.  Marc and Fred Bader will purchase 25 binders and put them together.  Each Board member will receive an HOA Handbook at the September meeting.  Handbooks will also be available for new Board members.

            (b)  Compliance vs. Enforcement:  How and who will do the enforcement?  Juan suggested that the Board as a whole needs to enforce the rules.  If a Board member sees a serious violation it should be brought to the Board meeting, discussed and then a letter sent out from the Board.  The actual rule can be printed out and signed by the Board and then sent to the violator.  President Fanning designated Ron Perlman to print out some of the more frequently violated rules and have them ready to send out.  These are referred to as "ticket notices" which in the case of parking violations can be affixed to a vehicle or in the case of other violations can be mailed.

            (c)  The next scheduled meeting is June 8.  It was suggested that that meeting be cancelled and that the next regularly scheduled meeting will be September 21.  All in attendance agreed.

5.         Legal Affairs:  (a)  Juan is revising the Homeowner Guidelines and the Rules and Enforcement to comply with the CC&R's and they will be delivered to Busy Bee printers to type the first draft.  These revisions will be presented to the Board for approval.  They should be ready for distribution at the Annual Meeting.

            (b)  The CC&R's have been registered with the County on March 28, 2006.

6.         (a)  John Alley checked on the going prices for storage units since we had been presented with a price hike from $18 to $35 a month.  It was the opinion of all that we stay where we are.

            (b)  John Alley will work with Fred Bader in revising the Physical Plant Survey document and research the lights on Abrego.  John reported that an element of security can be added to the gates where the gate code will correspond to the residents' last four digits of their phone number.  John will do a comparison of the gate phone numbers with the new directory numbers to make sure all the numbers are correct.

7.         Landscape:  What should be done when residents who want to tell Dave Morales what to do in the common areas adjacent to their property?  Residents should report to Manny Ventura who in turn will discuss with Dave Morales.

8.         ARC/Compliance:  One resident will be extending their garage in August (project has been approved).  Harry had six open requests for the ARC and they have now all been taken care of.  Collier, Owens and Shoafs' "for sale" signs are in violation of our rules.  The color needs to be enforced and it was suggested that a call be placed to the realtors.  Harry Cook will contact the realtors to inform them of the violations and our policy.

9.         Communication:  Subject was discussed previously (handbook for new residents).  It was suggested that at the Annual Meeting the residents can be told they can purchase a new documents handbook if they want to.

10.       Member Forum:

11.       New Business:  Those Board members who will be going off the Board after their two-year term should be thinking about new people for nomination.

            It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.

Submitted by Judy Miller, Acting Secretary


April 20, 2006

Directors Present: John Fanning, Manny Ventura, John Alley, Harry Cook, Fred Bader, Ed Frantz, and Juan Lichter.
Directors Absent: Ron Perlman and Marc Dallanegra.
Visitors: Denny Arvanites and Dave Morales.
The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by John Fanning, its President.

John Fanning introduced Fred Bader who is replacing Hal Crawford who recently resigned.  Fred told the Board a little about himself.  John Fanning entertained a motion to elect Fred Bader to fill the position vacated by Hal Crawford.  It was so moved, seconded and passed.  John Fanning asked Fred to be part of the Physical Plant activities and work with John Alley.  Fred agreed. 

It was moved and seconded to accept the Minutes of the March 16, 2006 meeting.  Motion was passed. 

John Fanning welcomed Denny Arvanites and Dave Morales to the meeting and turned the meeting over to the Landscape Coordinator, Manny Ventura.  Manny reported that next week there will be some new plants added to the common areas.  This had been agreed to by committee member Doris Pileman working with Dave Morales.  The target area for the new plantings is Abrego West.  Dave Morales was invited to speak and reported that the area at the northeast end of the Links will now be included in the contract and workers have already cut down the weeds and will be spraying to eliminate the bermuda grass that looks so unsightly with only a slight increase in the contract price.  His crew will begin to “lace” the trees rather than seriously top them.  Pre-emergent will be applied in June and December.  His bid for the contract is $9,810 annually.  John Alley asked about the bill for repairing the cut water line on the east side and Dave said it was a minor fix and there would not be a charge.  It was suggested that if there is a landscaping problem on an absent homeowners property that it be reported to Harry Cook  who in turn will have Dave fix the problem and bill the homeowner direct.  Dave was then excused and the Board discussed his contract and one other bid.  It was moved, seconded and approved to accept Dave’s bid and President Fanning signed the contract.  The contract extends until May, 2007. 

President’s Comments: (a) It was reported that The Links website is progressing nicely with Ron Perlman and Lucinda Walter working on it.  The first bill of $638 has been paid and it is expected that it will require approximately $200 more to complete the job.  The cost to maintain will be minimal once the website is finished.  There were a couple concerns expressed about publishing the HOA directory on the website.  If anyone does not want to be listed they can request to be eliminated.  Harry Cook would like the ARC Request for Approval form to be on the website so that homeowners can print off a copy, fill it out and turn it in to the ARC Committee. 

(b)  The interior and exterior street lights will be discussed under the Physical Plant part of the meeting.  John pointed out there were two lights burned out on Abrego. 

(c) John Fanning showed the Board a 3-ring notebook that The Greens prepares and gives to new residents which includes all documents pertinent to HOA business.  John asked Fred Bader to research the cost of producing it.  The idea has come from a number of homeowners.

(d) SRSHOA: What is it; where is it going?  Denny Arvanites is The Links representative to this organization which is really a developer’s entity.  Now that the area is fully developed, the need for the organization is not there.  Denny would like the organization abolished except for two problems: the cart path and the guarantee that GVR dues will be paid.  The latter should not be a significant hurdle to get over.

(e) “Position Available.”  Need to start thinking about recruiting residents to be on the Board.  Tom Myers is interested in becoming part of the Board and/or a committee.  It’s not too soon to start thinking about recruiting.

Treasurer’s Report: Ed Frantz reported disbursements of $5,955.05 for the first quarter–a routine quarter.  Resealing the streets was $10,800 which was taken out of our reserve.  Ed reported that we pay taxes only in the years that income exceeds our expenses and on monies from interest on CD’s.  It was moved, seconded and approved to accept the first quarter financial report. 

Legal Affairs: (a) The Homeowner Guidelines are still a “work in progress.”  (b) The By-Laws are mostly an administrative vehicle and do not affect the homeowners directly.  It was moved, seconded and approved to accept the By-Laws with the recommendation that the homeowners vote on them at the annual meeting (need 51% approval).   (c)Discussion on the proposal of the Goldschmidt law firm.  Ms. Goldschmidt will be our attorney but will not bill until the work is completed.  No retainer is required.  She will become The Links attorney of record.  It was moved, seconded and approved to accept the Goldschmidt proposal and that Juan Lichter will be our representative.  (d) CC&R’s certification has not been completed as yet.  Juan will contact Goldschmidt to determine status.  John Fanning signed the agreement. 

Physical Plant: Ace Asphalt, the company that sealed our streets, was considered a good company to work with.  There had been cracks missed but they came back and filled them.  Recommended that resealing be done every 3 to 5 years.  Ace recommended Diggins & Sons should we want to hire a street sweeper.  Juan commented he thought the seal should have extended to the sidewalk but when talking to Ace was told the crack between the street and sidewalk was called a “sinker” because sealing material would just keep sinking into the crack. 

One of the lady residents recently had a problem with the west gate not opening.  It was suggested that a “gate hotline” be established under the Physical Plant Coordinator and that John Alley be the “contact” person.  Ed Frantz currently phones in the changes to Altech but will turn that over to John.  The question was asked if the gates can be opened manually.  The answer is yes and it is accessed by the box on top of the control tower.  A lever inside needs to be released and then the gate can be pushed open. 

Previously, Robert Hawk had prepared a Physical Facilities Survey  for the Physical Plant Coordinator.  It is somewhat outdated and John Alley will do the updating. 

Regarding our walls that adjoin a common area: who is responsible?  Nothing has ever come up regarding this subject and Juan Lichter was assigned to check on the subject. 

There is a white substance on the new resealing on Greenside and it was reported that it is water soluable and should go away. 

Nothing was determined regarding the interior and exterior street lights.  John Alley will lookinto the situation and report back to the Board in May. 

ARC/Compliance: For Sale sign deviations.  The Owens and Collier’s signs do not comply, but there were extenuating circumstances.  It was thought we should keep the beige color and dark lettering.  Harry will check if the sign company listed on the policy is still in business.  (a) We dealt with the problem of unkempt yards earlier in the meeting and Harry will follow up with Dave Morales.  Harry reported the ARC requests he had were approved and the only big one was a garage extension on Greenside. 

Old Business:   

New Business: The storage facility where we retain a unit has increased the monthly fee from $18 to $35.  John Alley will survey the items kept there and pursue a less expensive site.  The Board will decide the path forward at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m. 

Submitted by Judy Miller, Acting Secretary.


March 16, 2006

Directors present: John Alley, Harry Cook, Marc Dallanegra, John Fanning, Ed Frantz, Juan Lichter, Ron Perlman and Manny Ventura.

Directors absent: Hal Crawford

Visitors: Denny Arvanites, Fred Bader, Brenda Bauer, Jim & Fran Calene, Marianna Steele Richard & Carole Sand, Al Zaeske.

The meeting was called to order by John Fanning @ 9:00am

Minutes of 02-16-2006 were reviewed and accepted.

Visitors were given time to review the proposed additions to the Homeowners Guidelines.

John Fanning provided a rationale and history of the process that was used to arrive at the proposed policy pertaining to views. In making the decision the board looked at legal ramifications, our documents, other HOA’s documents, and definition of views. Two groups met separately and then came together to draft a policy that includes: Mediation, Arbitration, Education and Accommodation.

A discussion pertaining to the issues of views, trees, documents, ensued. During this discussion John Fanning had the opportunity to elaborate on the policy’s intent to help homeowners resolve problems via mediation, and if necessary arbitrate using unbiased arbitrators. Following the discussion, a motion to adopt the view policy dated 3/16/2006 and to place it in the Homeowners Guidelines was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Ed Frantz reported that we paid our accountant $195 to prepare the HOA tax forms. The taxes paid will show up on next months report. No bill has been submitted by the attorney for revising our CC&Rs. The lawyer’s fee of $3,500 and out of pocket expenses is for revision of the CC&Rs and Bylaws. Ed estimated the total bill to be around $4,500.

Communications: Ron Perlman reported that he was in the process of getting the HOA’s governing documents on the computer and plans to distribute them in a binder for all board members after the CC&Rs and Bylaws are approved.

Ron also proposed that we authorize the creation of our own website where we would be able to place our governing documents, policies, minutes, New slinks, Member Directory, directions to the Links, instructions on how access the community, ARC forms, etc. The costs would initially be about $500 to create the website and $100 for 5 years to register a domain name and obtain a hosting service. There would also be a nominal cost of $20 - $40 per month to maintain the website. A motion was made that Ron Perlman proceed with the development of the web site with expenditures up to $600.00.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved by the board.

Physical Plant: John Alley reported problems where Premier Homes damaged the electric box near the front gate, phone connection to the gate, and a half inch water irrigation line. . After three faxes and numerous phone calls, electricity was finally restored to the gate. Premier’s initial attempt to repair the electrical box did not meet with TEP requirements because it had to be lowered an additional 9 inches. The gates cannot be programmed until phone service is restored. Quest is scheduled to repair the phone line Monday. As soon as phone service to the gate is restored Alltech Gate Systems will be able to reprogram the gates.

The contract with Ace Asphalt was signed. Sealing is set for April 4th & 5th. John Alley explained the schedule Ace will utilize and provided handouts to be hand delivered or mailed to homeowners. The handout included a cover letter, daily schedule and responsibilities, and a map of the links that shows graphically what will be done on each day of the sealing. There will be no mail delivery for two days. Newspapers will be delivered and left at a box near the front gate.

Homeowners Affairs: Marc Dallanegra reported that he has the package of documents that are to be sent to all new homeowners. The last package sent out was to Combs. Ed reported that they haven’t filled out the “receipt” acknowledging delivery of the package. Marc will contact the new homeowner (Combs) and get the receipt acknowledging delivery of the documents, and welcome them to the community.

Legal Affairs: Juan Lichter reported that we have to register the approved CC&Rs. The registration process requires that they be signed by the president and secretary. Juan also mentioned the Bylaws and Homeowners Guidelines needed to be reviewed and revised. The lawyer will send Juan itemized list of charges. Juan with Ed and John F. will review the revised bylaws, and begin work on the Homeowner Guidelines and Rules Enforcement.

Architectural Review Committee: Harry Cook reported the following requests:

1- Building of a ramada by Evans (open)

2- Request for a flagpole by Mcullough (approved)

3- Landscaping the Combs home (approved)

Harry disapproved the planting of a tree by the landscaper until he was provided with specs (type of tree, how tall it gets, etc.). Placement of the tree was changed.

Landscape Committee: Manny Ventura talked about a seminar he went to and provided handouts on pruning trees and shrubs. He also informed the board that Doris Pilemalm will be working with Dave Morales who will begin planting in the common areas this Monday. The landscaping crew works on Mondays and Wednesdays when needed. The landscaping contract is up in May. Manny will get a quote from David prior to the next board meeting and talk to other landscapers about what their costs would be. Manny talked about La Sierra Ranch who are tree specialists. They charges $180/hr. Manny will contact Mr. Sulivan and make arrangements to have David Morales look at the tree in the common grounds behind his house. David will personally do any do any pruning if needed.

Old Business:

New Business:

Enclosed: Approved policies for Views for the Homeowner Guidelines and mediation   form.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50am


Submitted by Ron Perlman, Secretary

FEBRUARY 16, 2006

Directors present: John Alley, Hal Crawford, Harry Cook, Marc Dallanegra, John Fanning, Ed Frantz, Juan Lichter, Ron Perlman and Many Ventura.

Directors absent: None

Visitors: Richard & Carole Sand, Gary Sherman, Al & Char Zaeske, Tony Bishop. Denny & Holly Arvanites, Sherry Pace, Maggie Ramlow, and Phil Sullivan and Bob Wilson.

Welcome and Call to Order:
The organizational meeting was called to order by John Fanning @ 9:00am

Mr. Fanning notified everyone that the meeting was being recorded and welcomed all visitors.

Announcements for the board:
Regular meetings will be the 3rd Thursday of the month with the exception of June when the meeting will be held on the 2nd Thursday which is the 8th.  Unless there is an emergency
, there will be no regular scheduled meeting in July and August.

In Ron Perlman’s absence Judy Miller will fill in and take over secretarial duties during the months of April and May.

Board members should be reimbursed for any monies they spend performing board duties.  Receipts should be obtained and provided to Ed Frantz for reimbursement.  No member of the board, according to Mr. Fanning, should pay any board expenses out of their own pocket.  They are providing their time free.  For large printing jobs we have an account with Busy Bee Printing who will submit bills to the HOA.  For small jobs you can use the UPS center in the Continental mall.  They have small cards that can be bought for $5 that provides 100 copies (5 cents a copy) 

The following minutes were reviewed and approved:
01-19-2006 Board Meeting
01-26-2006 Annual Meeting
02-06-2006 Organizational Meeting

John Fanning reviewed documents and their relevance in reference to the current tree and view issue.

Design Guidelines – No longer apply to the community.  They were put together prior to the community being turned over to the HOA. Many homeowners have been referencing the portion of this document that states “Each homeowner is responsible to see that no structure, tree, shrub fence, wall or any exterior edition to their home or yard interferes in a significant or substantial manner with any neighbor’s view.”  The Design Guidelines were superseded and replaced with the Homeowners Guidelines in 2004 and therefore will not be considered in any decisions the board makes.  The Links Rules of Enforcements describes some of the penalties for violations of the Homeowner Guidelines. The Original CC&Rs are in play and some correspondences have referenced section 15.3.1 that states “Plants, animals, devices or other things of any sort whose activities or existence in any way is noxious, dangerous, unsightly, unpleasant, or of a nature as may diminish or destroy the enjoyment of the Property or any Lot or Parcel contained within The Links at Santa Rita Springs.”   This reference was taken to our attorney, who is a specialist in HOA matters.  She said this does not apply to the subject that we are discussing and the definition of enjoyment is subjective and cannot be defined. The By Laws approved in 2004 have to do with decision making responsibilities and board processes covering balloting, meetings, duties and responsibilities etc. The Structural Warranty Coverage document was issued to each original homeowner. It states on page 5 under Views, “Dorn & Associates does not warrant, expressed or implied, written or orally, any views. A buyer’s views may be obstructed by future construction, trees, etc.”   This document has not been superseded by any other documents, therefore it is in play.  However, this fact could be up for a legitimate debate. The board has received 3 registered complaints/concerns about trees/views:

Sands vs. Steele
Zaeske vs. Frantz
Bauer vs. Pierce

When asked if anyone else had any complaints or concerns about a specific tree no one responded.

Mr. Fanning stated that before a complaint is registered, the homeowner should first talk directly to the person he or she is considering registering a complaint about.  In fact, this is the first question that the board will ask of a complainant. Regardless of the policy that develops, Mr.  Fanning strongly urged complainants to go to the person they are complaining about to express their concerns.

A homeowner forum was held regarding the issue of tress and views. All visitors were provided an opportunity to express their views and interact with each other and members of the board.

Following the homeowner forum, the board briefly discussed the views expressed by the visitors.  Based on a previous board decision to defer direct action on the issue until after the final ballots were tabulated on the approval of the revised CC&Rs, the board moved on with other items on the agenda.  John Alley with Ron Perlman and Harry Cook with John Fanning were asked to present to the board suggested policies on trees/views at the March 16 meeting.

Legal Affairs:  Juan Lichter said that after the CC&Rs are accepted we have to work on the Homeowners Guidelines and the By Laws.  He also brought up the possibility of placing the lawyer on retainer and will look into this possibility by obtaining the costs, hourly rate, and availability.  John Fanning mentioned there are a number of changes which should be made in the revised Bylaws including the percentage for approval.  The current Bylaws call for 51%, the proposed revised Bylaws call for 67%.  Before homeowner approvals are sought, board members will be provided with a copy of the revised Bylaws for comments.

Treasurer’s Report:  Ed Frantz reported that we paid the GVCCC dues of $5.50 per household in January.  $5,000 was transferred from the Operations Account to the Streets and Properties.

Our new insurance policy came in at $114 which was $5 less than previous year.  Ed also reported that we have to file our taxes and make our payment before March 15th. In response to a question it was mentioned that Goldshmit’s bill was $3,500 plus costs.  This covered the CC&Rs, By Laws, and Article of Incorporation.  To date, no bills have been received nor any money paid for legal work done. The bill is expected to be in the $4000 range.

Physical Plant: Ron Perlman reported that he had a recent bid of for $10,451 for filling cracks and resealing of the streets. This is about $1000 more than the last quote received in August.  The increase was due directly to the increase in petroleum products.  A brief history of our dealings with both Sunland and Ace was presented. John Alley and Hal Crawford will get with Ace to provide more detail to the quote and set some dates for implementation.  They will report back to the board at the March 16 meeting.

Landscape Committee:  Many Ventura reported that we had a walk through the community with the committee and our landscaper, David Morales on Jan 31st.  A list of what needed to be done was created.  A bill was received for recommended plantings along Abrego to fill in bare areas in the common area as well as for adding plants to the NE entrance pedestal planters.  Included was a charge for clean up of common areas adjacent to lot #1 for $125.  The board did not authorized payment for the $125 because the contract stipulated that cleaning up of all common areas were included in the contract. It was also mentioned that David Morales did not apply pre-emergent as stipulated in the contract.  Manny will contact some people knowledgeable in tree pruning.  The board also decided additional quotes should be obtained for the landscaping contract.  Members were asked to submit possible names of contractors to Manny for consideration.  The current contract with Morales expires in May.

Architectural Review Committee:  Harry Cook reported that the builder of the new house on Greenside adjacent to his property was originally not going to extend a wall to cover the AC units. Harry did convince them of the need to do that as well as have the wall at a specific minimum height.

Old Business:  In response to a letter requesting an audit of the HOA books Mr. Hawk wrote a letter inviting Mr. Johnson and his accountant to review a compilation.

New Business:  
The board authorized Ace Asphalt to seal our streets.  John Alley and Hal Crawford will follow up on getting the work done as soon as possible.

Marc Dallandgra and Ron Perlman are to work on a new check list that Marc will use as the Community Affairs Coordinator.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30am

Submitted by Ron Perlman, Secretary

January 19, 2006

Directors present: John Alley, Harry Cook, Ed Frantz, Robert Hawk, Juan Lichter, Ron Perlman.

Directors absent: Hal Crawford, Marc Dallanegra, and Manny Ventura

Visitors: Anais Mueller

Welcome and Call to Order:
The regular board meeting was called to order by Ed Frantz at 9:00am.

Minutes of 12-15-2005 were reviewed and accepted.

Minutes of 12/29/2005 (special meeting) were reviewed and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report.
Ed Frantz provided an abbreviated version of the 2005 Financial Compilation Report that included the following:

  1. The Links HOA Income & Disbursements – 2005 (Cash Flow Statement)

a. This included the $6.000.00 in the Landscaping Reserve Fund that was transferred to the non-Dedicated Reserve Fund in March 2005.  Also included was $5000.00 transferred from the Operations Account to the Streets & Properties Reserve Fund on December 31, 2005.  This transaction will be reflected in January, 2006 report.

  2. Links HOA2006 Budget
  3. Links HOA Income - 2005
  4. Links HOA Disbursements – 2005
  5. Links HOA Balance Sheet
  6. Links HOA 2005 Dues
  7. Links Checking Account – 2006
  8. Links Operations (Savings) Account – 2005
  9. Links Reserve Account – 2005
 10. Bank of America December statement
 11. Certificate of Deposits and CD Deposit receipts from Washington Federal and BOA

Last year a new law was passed that says you need an audit or a compilation at the end of June, or 6 months after the fiscal year ends. The Links HOA’s compilation contains approximately 50 pages and is available for all homeowners to review.

In the event the treasurer was incapacitated and or no longer able function in that capacity Ed outlined the procedure for accessing the Links HOA’s funds. First the board will make a motion to designate someone as the new treasurer. The secretary will then provide a notarized statement for the new treasurer to be provided to the financial institutions.   

Architectural Review Committee:  Harry Cook reported that there were no new forms submitted.

Legal Affairs:  Juan Lichter reported that the Lawyer did not have the CC&Rs ready and stated that she recommended we put Items that pertain to the trees into the Homeowners Guidelines.  The attorney will also write a cover sheet explaining major changes.  A long discussion followed that resulted in a new motion under old business.

Physical Plant: Ron Perlman reported nothing new.

Landscape Committee:  Ed Frantz reported that Manny Ventura has scheduled a walk through with the landscaper (David Morales), and Links homeowners on January 31, 2006.   

Old Business:
Juan Lichter and Ron Perlman repaired the concrete area near the mail box on Wedge Way and Fade Drive by filling in a wide area with mortar.

A motion was passed to ask the attorney if she thought we should move sections 8.1.3, 8.1.31 and of the current CC&Rs to Section 9 of the amended and restated CC&Rs. A second motion was passed that states sections 8.1.3, 8.1.31 and will be removed from the CC&Rs or included based on the attorney’s recommendation.

New Business:
In response to a letter from James Johnson requesting an Audit of the HOA’s books the board unanimously passed a resolution to not have an audit.

Robert Hawk will provide a copy of the compilation along with a letter (to be approved by the HOA president) stating that Mr. Johnson can have an accountant look at the data.  If there is a misappropriation of funds uncovered we will pay the accountant’s fees, and if there are no errors Mr. Johnson will be responsible for all fees.

A motion was passed to transfer $5000.00 from the Operating Account to the Non Dedicated Reserve in January.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00am

Submitted by Ron Perlman, interim secretary


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