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2005 Minutes


December 15, 2005

Directors present: John Alley, Harry Cook, Hal Crawford, Marc Dallanegra, Ed Frantz, Robert Hawk, Juan Lichter, Ron Perlman, and Manny Ventura.

Directors absent: NA

Visitors: Robert & Carol Sands, Bob Wilson, Bill Hutchinson, Ken & Brenda Bauer, Tony Bishop,  Robyn & Gary Sherman and Al Zaeske. 

Welcome and Call to Order:
The regular board meeting was called to order by Ed Frantz at 9:00am.

Minutes of 11-17-2005 were reviewed and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report.
Ed Frantz reported that we were in good shape and at the end of November we had $67,823. The amount will be lower by the end of the year to about $62,000 because of additional expenses including the quarterly gate maintenance fee.  A motion was unanimously approved to put an additional $5000 into the Streets & Properties Reserve Fund. Anything left over at the end of December will go into the Non Dedicated Reserve or keep in our accounts.  The 2006 budget is the same as December’s with the addition of $1000 into the Erosion Control Fund.  The board approved the 2006 budget of $34,530. Ed estimated a surplus of $5,950.

Since our reserves were built up to our goal of $60,000 to cover any unexpected expenses,  Ed stated that he was in agreement with Robert Hawk’s suggestion at the previous meeting to give some of that money back to the homeowners.  Dues will not be reduced for next year.  Homeowners will instead get a credit of $25 that will be applied to the HOA 2006 dues of $445 reducing the amount they have to pay in 2006 to $420.  Robert Hawk made the motion that was unanimously passed to give a credit of $25 to homeowners of record as of Dec 31, 2005   A second motion was unanimously approved to allow a split payment for those homeowners that wanted it.  They would have to make one payment of $210 by Jan 15 and the second payment would be due by June 15th.  Other homeowners will have to make their payment by Jan 15.

Architectural Review Committee: 
Harry Cook reported that he had disallowed Werner Kraus’s choice of paint color because it was not one of the original 15 approved colors. A motion to support the decision of the ARC’s decision was unanimously approved.  Harry stated that Werner was invited to come to the meeting to present his case.  He declined and said he would abide by the decision of the board.

Harry reported he got a letter of complaint from Al Zaeske about a tree in Ed Frantz’s yard. Ed Frantz mentioned that the same issue came up the previous month and provided the following information.  The Design Guidelines provided to homeowners by Dorn had a clause that stated something to the effect that you had to keep your trees trimmed as to not bother your neighbors.  However, those guidelines were dated Sept 22, 1999. After all the trees (except for possibly one on the street) on Fade were planted, Dorn provided homeowners on Fade a copy of the Design Guidelines, and a letter of apology for not providing them earlier. Therefore the trees on Fade should be grandfathered in.  In addition, the first page of the Design Guidelines states something to the effect that these rules do not apply to things that are planted before the closing of the home.  In the CC&R’s 15.3.1 states in effect that you are not allowed to do anything that “may diminish or destroy the enjoyment of the Property” In clause 15.4 it says anything planted by the developer is excluded from the CC&Rs.  In November of 2004 the board replaced the Design Guidelines with a 4 page Homeowners Guidelines which eliminated the clause about trimming trees and even added a statement that “trees grow.” Ed stated that at the last meeting the board decided not to address this issue until after the CC&R’s were completed. 

During the discussion that followed Richard Sands, Tony Bishop, and Bob Wilson voiced their opinions on the issue.  

Robert Hawk made the suggestion that concerned homeowners should submit in writing their suggestions for changes in the CC&Rs for the board to review at the special meeting on December 29, 2005. 

Legal Affairs:  Juan Lichter distributed the new draft of the CC&Rs and requested the board provide additional input.

Physical Plant:
Ron Perlman reported that we had replaced the Halogen light with a Florescent light at the east entrance to the Links. Since this light did not have way to connect an extension cord an electrician was called in to add an outlet at the base of the new light.

Landscape Committee: Manny Ventura said that he will get together with David Morales next month to discuss erosion issues. Manny said that he will be following up via email for specific issues and stated that he intended to do a walk through every three months.  Manny also encouraged others to do their own walk through the community and then let him know via email as to any landscaping issues that need attention. 

Old Business: 
Common areas adjacent to lots 90-94 on the west side and next to lot 1 on the east side as well as the common area  on Chipshot Dr. along the ditch that runs next to  the golf course will be maintained by the Links.  Manny said that David was already aware of the area near lot 1 and that he will keep on top of David to maintain all common areas.

New Business:  
John Fanning’s name was added to the ballot for the election for the BOD.

Juan Lichter mentioned that the sidewalk near the mail box has gaping spaces where the concrete seems to have been eroded.  Ron Perlman will look into fixing it.

There will be a special meeting that will be possibly attended by the attorney to review the CC&Rs on December 29th.  Any substantive changes to be made should be submitted in writing.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 AM.

Submitted by Ron Perlman, interim secretary

These minutes are subject to approval at the next board meeting December 15, 2005

November 17, 2005

Directors present, John Alley, Harry Cook, Hal Crawford, Marc Dallanegra, Ed Frantz, Robert Hawk, Juan Lichter, Ron Perlman, and Manny Ventura.

Visitors:  Robert and Carol Sands, Bob Wilson.

Welcome and Call to Order:
The regular board meeting was called to order by Ed Frantz at 9:00am.

Minutes of 10-20-2005 were reviewed and accepted with one minor change.

A discussion pertaining to growth of tress in the community was initiated and prompted by a problem the Sands have with a tree in front of 2703 S Fade Drive that is blocking their mountain view.   Ed Frantz complimented Richard Sands for following proper procedures by first contacting the neighbor, and then going to the Board.  Ed provided board members with an overview of the problem and submitted copies of emails from both Richard Sands and Marianna Steele. Ed then read article 15.3.1 of the CC&Rs and described using his house as an example how Dorn did the landscaping and provided trees.  Ed then read Article 4 of the CC&Rs.  4.1.3 where it says “No Exterior trees, bushes, shrubs, plants, shall be planted or placed upon the Property” and then stated that trees planted on Fade Drive by Dorn are exempt from the Design Guidelines that were effective Sept 22, 1999. This exemption was based on the fact that the Design Guidelines were provided to residents of Fade Drive after trees were planted by Dorn.  It was also pointed out that the Design Guidelines were replaced by the Homeowners Guidelines which states that only trees can be planted by owners with approval of the ARC.  Bob Wilson also stated that he paid a premium for his lot and expected to maintain his mountain view which is now blocked by a tree. Bob wants the board to limit the height of the trees to the height of the house. Mr. Sands wrote a statement of policy relating to plants that he wanted the board to consider, Mr. Sands also said that he wants the board to clarify tree guidelines. 

In the Links HOA Guidelines approved Nov 2004 the clause in the old guidelines referring to the trimming or cutting of trees was eliminated.  15.4 of the CC&Rs state that the board has the authority to change/modify items in section 15. It was also mentioned that there are no guarantees that landscaping by the developer/builder or approved by the ARC will not grow and alter views. 

Robert Hawk’s motion to table this issue until the CC&Rs were completed was unanimously passed.

Treasurer’s Report.
Ed Frantz reported that we are down to 69k in assets.  A motion was made to approve the treasures report ending October 31st.

Legal Affairs:  Juan Lichter talked about his meeting with the lawyer handling the CC&Rs and will try to have a draft available for the next meeting.  The new CC&Rs will be a replacement for the old ones (not amended).  Juan reiterated that legal fees will be $3500 plus out of pocket expenses.

Physical Plant:
Ron Perlman reported that an electrician repaired the entrance light at the east gate.  TEP repaired a street light on the south side of Greenside Place. 

Architectural Review Committee:  Harry Cook mentioned that there is one ongoing request which is his to put in a screen door.

Landscape Committee:
Manny Ventura reported that Dave Morales has completed about 80% of the recommendations that resulted from the October 27th walk through with Ron & Nicole Perlman, and Manny & Jannice Ventura.   Manny read a letter from Gerald Vigoren who said that after some dead ground cover was removed resulting in a water channel.  Mr. Vigoren requested that river rock could be angled over eight feet to stop the erosion.  Manny also provided a copy of the landscape maintenance contract agreement between the Links HOA and Aztec Aridscapes, Inc. It was mentioned that we are paying $855 per month for landscaping services. David Morales placed the neighborhood watch signs in the common areas on both the east and west sides of Abrego.

Ed provided a copy of new legislation effective August 12, 2005.

1.      Procedure for members removal of Directors from the board.

2.      Deletion of proxy voting

Mail in ballots is an approved form. Members name must be on the ballot and it must be signed (by member) to be valid.

3.      Application of payments on delinquent accounts.

If dues are unpaid homes can be foreclosed immediately (instead of 7 years).

Ed provided a copy of the November 7th 2005 meeting report re: The Retreat at Santa Rita Springs Independent Living Project.

Old Business: 
John Alley submitted a draft of the Ballot to present to homeowners to decide on the issue of closing the gates.  A motion by Robert Hawk to add a comment that the board recommends the status quo was rejected.  The vote split down the middle with Ed Frantz casting the deciding vote.  New law eliminates proxy voting

Ed provided a copy of the contract the Links HOA has with Altech Security Systems.

New Business:
Ron Perlman and Harry Cook were appointed to be the nominating committee to search for potential BOD candidates for 2006.  Robert Hawks’s term is up as he has served on the board for 4 consecutive years.  Hal Crawford and Ed Frantz will have completed one year terms.  Ed said that he will do another year as Treasurer only (if elected).

Common Areas near lots 1and 94 are overgrown and need to taken care of.  Manny said he would contact Dave Morales  Ed Frantz is to contact Torres Blancas management and ask them to trim trees and remove weeds from areas adjacent to our common areas on Chipshot as well as Greenside.

Robert Hawk submitted a homeowners dues credit proposal to be reviewed and discussed at the next BOD meeting.

Marc Dallanegra mentioned that he has found three different gate companies willing to bid on a service and maintenance contract which is similar to the one we have with Altech.  Marc will provide more information at the next meeting.

Submitted by Ron Perlman, interim secretary

These minutes are subject to approval at the next board meeting December 15, 2005

October 20, 2005

Directors present, John Alley, Harry Cook , Marc Dallanegra, Ed Frantz, Robert Hawk, Juan Lichter, Ron Perlman, and Manny Ventura.

Directors absent: Hal Crawford

Welcome and Call to Order:
The regular board meeting was called to order by Ed Frantz at 9:00am.

Minutes of 9-15-2005 and the minutes of the special board meeting on 10-06-2005 were reviewed and accepted with minor changes.

Treasurer’s Report.
Ed Frantz reported that we have spent 57% of our budget and that we are on track to reaching our goal of having a reserve of 60k.  The largest bill this year should be for legal expenses and we should be able to add 7-8 k to the reserves. Each line item of the 2006 budget was discussed and the following changes were proposed.

Office Supplies increased from $200 to $1000 to cover the cost of sending new homeowners their information package in addition to hiring a person to record and type minutes of monthly board meetings.  This past year we had 10 new homeowners and at a cost of $20 each that expense came to $200.  It is expected to cost $40 per month to have the minutes recorded and typed.

Under Streets & Properties: Construction & Maintenance budget will be changed to 0 (was $3000) and the Streets and Property Reserve Fund will remain at $5000.  It was mentioned that the cost of the sealing the streets this May will run approximately $13,000 and the cost will come out of the Streets Reserve Fund.

There was a question as how much we will need to budget for Erosion Control.  Many Ventura stated that he will check with Dave Morales, and have the information at the next meeting.  The Landscape Reserve Fund was discontinued and transferred to the Dedicated Reserve Fund.

Marc Dallanegra asked about GVCCC.  Ed explained that the Green Valley Community Coordinating Council is similar to what would be a local government and that they represent the various HOA’s at the county level.  They charge us 5.50 per person and our representative is John Scarlott.

Marc questioned the need to maintain the maintenance fee we spend with Altech Security.  Robert Hawk said that a neighboring community did not have a service contract and they had to spend thousands (specific amount not mentioned) for their repair.  Harry cook mentioned that maintenance for the gates was more than just taking care of the motor, or monthly servicing such as oiling the gates.  Altech is also responsible for the computer, circuit boards, and software involved keeping the gate working properly.  Our service contract also includes parts that can be very expensive.  Altech keeps parts on hand and can fix problems with the gate quickly whereas if we had to order parts there would be no way of knowing when the ordered parts would arrive.  Ed mentioned that he will make available a copy of the maintenance contract prior to the next meeting.

Juan Lichter mentioned costs relevant to the CC&Rs and the board moved to add $2000 to Legal Affairs.

Legal Affairs:  Juan Lichter talked about his meeting with the lawyer handling the CC&Rs  and also said that he wanted form a new committee to work on the CC&Rs. Ed mentioned that was good idea and it will be taken up at a future date.

Physical Plant:
Ed gave a brief report on the history and progress with the east gate.   The gates are currently operational because Quest came out and established a temporary connection.  

Architectural Review Committee:  Harry Cook mentioned that there are two ongoing requests.  One was Marc Dalenegra’s which is almost complete and the other is from Larry Klapmeier, who wants to put a short globe in his back yard.

Harry also mentioned that he was able to contact one of our new homeowners whose yard was overgrown with weeds.  The homeowners told Harry to have someone clean the yard and to send them the bill.

Landscape Committee: Manny Ventura reported that Dave Morales, the landscaper has planted some trees on the east and west side of Abrego.   When questioned about the weeds he said that weeds with flowers were left because they looked pretty.

Old Business: 
The light is still out by the east gate.  Harry Cook will check to see if it’s the sensor or the bulb that needs to be repaired.

Feedback resulting from the prolonged opening of the east gate resulted in the board addressing the issue of the entrance gate schedule.  After discussing the issue the board decided to have the Homeowners decide if they want the gates to our community closed during the day.  Ed Frantz had temporarily changed the gate schedule to open at 7 am and close at 6 pm. to correspond with daylight hours. The intention was to have the gates closed when it was dark. Robert Hawk entered a motion to have the gates close at 7 pm citing inconvenience to homeowners who may be coming back from dinner.  A vote to close the gate at 7 pm was passed with dissenting votes from Ron Perlman and John Alley.

New Business:
Ron Perlman suggested we hire a person to take notes and to type minutes. The board agreed and authorized up to $500 to be budgeted for the following year.  The board anticipates the cost will be $40 per meeting and was willing to increase that to $50 if needed.

Submitted by Ron Perlman, interim secretary

September 15, 2005

Directors present: Hal Crawford, Ed Frantz, Robert Hawk, Juan Lichter, Ron Perlman, Maggie Ramlow, Marianna Steele, and Manny Ventura.

Directors absent: Harry Cook.

Visitors: (not present at Executive Board Meeting) Denny Arvanites. , Marc Dallanegra, and John Alley.

There was a closed Executive Board Meeting at 8:30am. At this meeting Marianna Steele read a letter of resignation, and Maggie Ramlow announced her resignation from the board. Both resignations were effective immediately.

There were motions passed to have Ed Frantz act as interim President and Ron Perlman to act as interim Secretary for the next four months; until the positions of President and Secretary can be formally filled.

Welcome and Call to Order:
The board unanimously appointed Mark Dallanegra, and John Alley to act as interim board members until formal elections.

The regular board meeting was called to order by Ed Frantz. Ed provided a review of what occurred at the special August meeting for the benefit of the members who were not there.  In the review he discussed what Randy, the representative from Ace Asphalt said.  The board agreed to go ahead with the filling of the cracks and sealing the streets the beginning of May as decided at the special August meeting.

After a discussion of the history and need to consolidate and simplify the CC&Rs a motion was passed to proceed with the project.  The motion was passed with Robert Hawk casting the only dissenting vote.

The board agreed to the paint scheme of a desert tan for the entrance markers of the links.  There will be an off white in the area of the wording of the “LINKS.”

Proposal to change the entrance gate schedule to one that is similar to the Greens where the gate is closed all the time was discussed.  During the day there is an electric sensor that opens the gate when cars get close.

Ed provided a report from Alltech Gate Systems that indicated the cost to implement the needed changes would be $1250.00 per gate. In addition to the initial $2500 cost, Ed stated that there would be additional ware and tear on the gate as well as increased electrical costs.  The Board unanimously voted to keep the gate schedule as is.

Board discussed he possibility of cutting back on the trash pick up in order to reduce the ware and tear of our streets.  As this would be an inconvenience to many homeowners it was decided to not make any changes at this time.

Treasurer’s Report:
Ed Frantz provided copies of the Links HOA Income & Disbursement – 2005 3rd Quarter Report – Thru August and stated that his goal of having a reserve of $60,000 is on track.  Ed asked for input from all the committees as to what their projected needs for the New Year would be. He especially requested information from Physical Plant and Landscape since they represent the largest expenditures.

Architectural Review Committee:
There was no report from the ARC as Harry Cook the liaison person to committee members was absent.

Landscape Committee:
Manny Ventura reported that Dave Morales, the landscaper did a walk through on September 12th with the following committee members: Carol Blazick, Peg Norheim, and Judy Miller.  Manny reported that Dave will, trim trees, take care of weeds and drainage, replace dead plants and add some plants to the common areas on Abrego.

Legal Affairs:
Juan Lichter Submitted copies of v.5 of the CC&Rs along with his recommendations so that board members could review the draft and make recommendations as to any changes.  Juan had an appointment today at 1pm for the attorney to review the latest version. John fanning’s e-mail of resignation was read and Juan reiterated his removal of Denny Arvanites from the committee.

Physical Plant:
Ron Perlman reported that the entrance markers to the Links will be done by Green Valley Paint & Varnish on October 6-7 for $1200.  There were three bids that ranged from $1200 - $2772.  Ron also reported that Ace Asphalt repaired 14 patches in August.  Ron called Randy about a patch that looked questionable and Ace had the crew back in September to redo the patch.  Premier Homes were contacted and the on site person in charge, Alan Simpson provided an overview as to why the east Links gate was not closing at night. There was initially a sewer problem that was repaired.  Subsequently TEP had to come in and to their part, and lastly they were waiting on the phone company.

New Business:
Manny Ventura was to follow up and ask Dave Morales specifically about trimming the two Mesquite trees at the north side of Greenside place.  Manny will also talk to Dave about pre-emergent treatment of weeds that should be done twice a year which was admittedly not done.

The appointment of a Nominating Committee Chair was discussed and will be considered at a future meeting.

Neighborhood watch was started. Grace Dallanegra was noted as the watch person on Wedge Way.

Old Business:
Links east gate - Ron Perlman will contact Alan Simpson of Premier Homes for an update.

CC & R’s -The board agreed to meet October 6that 9:00am in the Monteray Room to discuss the recommendations of the attorney regarding the the review of v. 5.

Submitted by Ron Perlman, interim secretary


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