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                       October                  Kathy Malenfant

                      November               Host Needed

                      December               Host Needed

                      January                  Maureen Raso

                      February                 Judy West

                      March                     Janie Perkins/Mary Somerville

                      April                        Carole Blazick

                      May                        Kaaren Zvonik/Stephanie Velsmid

                      June                       Host Needed

                      Summer                 Nancy Myers


2018 Ladies Luncheon's

          LADIES  "SALAD"  LUNCHEON: Hosted by Nancy Myers

         July 26th "Thursday"...12:00 Noon

         Place:  Nancy Myers home  

                      2797 S. Greenside Place

         Please bring a topping for the salad. 

         RSVP TO NANCY by July 24th 

          Please let her know what you will be bringing.


JANUARY 22, 2018  "Monday", 12:00 Noon, PLACE:       "FIESTA Room" at the Springs 

Lunch provided by your hosts: Judy Miller & Katie Mcleod: Please bring your own beverage.

RSVP to Judy Miller Immediately, there will be a special game planned. 

Call: 520-625-2104 or EMAIL:

        April Ladies Luncheon....APRIL 23, 2018

          HOSTED BY:  Karen & Judy West

         PLACE:   Stables Restaurant in the Patio.

         TIME:  11:30 am.

         RSVP BY:  April 20th

         Please call:      Karen at 414-322-8026 or

         EMAIL:            Judy at




MARCH....Mary Somerville & Janie Perkins Hosts

Firefly Restaurant...Frontage Rd....11:30 am

 APRIL...Elaine Leigh



JULY....Nancy Myers Hosts in her home. 12:00 noon

This is a Salad Luncheon. Everyone brings a salad addition.

Sample: Mushrooms, eggs, bacon,etc.

Beverages, salad dressings & dessert is furnished.



OCTOBER 18, Wed. 11:30 am Shelby's Restaurant, TUBAC

         RSVP by Oct 16 to Barb Servatka and Mary Betzel

    November 7, Tuesday, 11:30 am, Italian Peasant Tubac

HOSTED BY: Mary Zimmerman & Janie Perkins

DECEMBER 6th, Wed., 2pm - 4pm, Ladies Christmas Tea

                  at Mary Betzelís 2646 S Fade Drive




We hope that you will step up and fill the vacant spots on our events calendar.

For some, this is their only social involvement.

It is a great way to meet your neighbors and see your friends and catch up.

We are all very busy these days, but I hope we will always make the time and be able to attend and keep this great association going.

 *Please contact Mary Betzel if you would like to host any of the months above, or if you have something that you think we would enjoy as a group, please feel free to run it by Mary.

We will always find a way to get you a ride to an event location...

 We are always looking for new experiences and we always want to have fun. So if you have some ideas on something new, please bring it up.

 Thank you to everyone that has helped with these events in the past and present and we hope some of newer residents will come forward in the upcoming years.


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